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If I’m using 5 gal buckets with3 to 4 gal of soil do the gal combine for 12 weeks of nutrients? Ordered some Mega Crop fertilizer. Will bring in the organic mutes for next round. The recommended COM is out of stock:( Thank you so much for your help. If you think of anything else feel free to holler at me.

I agree 100% with this.

I hesitated to even recommend the dry fertilizer just because this grow is already pretty far along.

All that said even if you are looking at yellow-green Plans for the next few weeks until harvest you’re still going to get decent bud. It just might not be as big as it would’ve been if you got a little more nitrogen. It’s just close enough to the end that you don’t want to give them a ton of it and load up your buds with excess N.


Please elaborate or direct me to resources explaining calibration equipment and storage solution. I assume storage is a water tank of some kind to hold solution of water and nutrients.
Also do I need to purchase new soil every cycle or can I rehab existing?
I am grateful for your assistance. I’m gonna apply your advice to the less mature plants but will leave those in flower alone. I’ve been told that it takes 2 or 3 cycles to learn the basics and then fine tuning procedures and techniques for the rest of my life:)

Cal/ Msg at this point helpful?

I know that the coast of Maine products are all well situated in terms of calcium. I don’t use distilled or RO Water, I’m lucky to have good well water, so I don’t really have to mess with Cal/mag. I don’t have much experience that I could lend.

Definitely takes a few grows before you get to a point where you’re really comfortable.

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Advice I gave on the Stonington blend is wrong

See this link on coast of maine for their feeding schedule and recommended pot sizes vs nutrition in the soil


The 4.01 is good for storing the PH probe in. PH probe should have a cap that can be filled with storage solution. This is to keep the glass bulb wet and at correct chemical composition. So, for example never store in distilled or R/O. The 7.0 is an easy, handy reference to check your meter’s calibration.

TDS meters generally don’t get calibrated.

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Its my first grow and im using stonington blend week 5 veg started yesterday havent fed anything yet i have dr earth dry amendments when should i feed? In your experience with the soil when did the food run out? Im also using a 3 gallon fabric pot

When do you plan on flowering?

I wanted to veg 6 weeks but im not sure itll last that long I just started week 5 so i might just veg it the rest of this week then flip lights to flower but its my first grow + first time with dry amendments i heard they take a week to break down so i wasnt sure if i should be feeding now or if its not ready yet and i might burn it if i do i just been watering with some recharge every other water or so but only been watering 1gal like every 10-14 days at this point

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