Repotting seedlings


I have some seedlings that are ready for their new pots, but after realizing I’ve been fighting my plants in the past, I figured I would ask this question…

Noticing how quickly the stems thicken, just above the seed leaves (cotyldons? ), should I bury them as well? Bring the soil level to that thicker section?

I never have in the past out of concern about those leaves leading to rot. I considered it before because I know some roots can still form from that young stem.
Feeling bad about battling my girls in the past while thinking I was caring for them, I figured I would ask.

I can’t show pics right now, not being at home, but I was planning on taking care of that as soon as I get back home.

All opinions are appreciated.


Got home much sooner than expected, but it reminded me of an important factor that I’m overlooking. **patience! **

I’m already late putting them in bigger pots. I know I have other issues with them, but I’m hoping I can address them after the repot.

I saw you looking at my runt!

We had a late cold snap come through the day after they sprouted. I put them in my shed to help them and found out the next morning that something like it. The two seed leaves were gone!

I saw a little green at the top of the stem that was left and said to hell with it. It’s the last of the seeds I’m dropping, why not?

I was amazed at a plant last year that I KNEW was gonna die! She turned out to be some really fine smoke.

But my lesson is learned. I’ll repot tomorrow to wait for input. In this age of instant access it is becoming harder to wait. Off to another question! …


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They’re a bit leggy, try to repot them deep
-best wishes


Yeah, I was concerned about taking them from my porch, where I sprouted them, to direct sunlight.

One of those learning curves for me. I used to germinate outside, but the cold lasted longer here than normal this year. Took too long to get them in direct sun so they started reaching.

I agree @pigSquishy. Knowing they needed new homes, I went ahead and just did my own experiment.

I placed one deep enough that the soil is right at the first node. One just covers the seed leaves and the last one I stayed at the original soil level.

I’m not counting my runt as it is now in a different experiment. I guess that would be the one that doesn’t really matter if I lose it. Figured it was not gonna make it, so why not try and see.

It’s not a matter of if I can afford to lose any. I already lose some in sexing, so in my mind I don’t have any to spare. Greedy I guess. Lol

Thanks for responding. It’s usually easier for me to decide after weighing different opinions. My need to get it done decided for me.


You did good by planting them up to their bottom leaves. This will help sturdy up your plant and create more roots for a healthier overall plant! Mike