Repot added light need help

You could probably turn one of the Qb 260’s off. The other you could turn half to all the way down, and hang 14”-16” above the plants. But eventually, when they’re flowering, you’ll have both lights cranked and have heat issues again.

If you have the same phone cable as I do it’s too small for that current.

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I wouldn’t use phone wire. Told from post in lights that Ineed 300 volt hookup wire.

Dang re wire drivers… Maybe I should do this.

You want to learn about DFI, HLG has a guide basically get a lux meter on your phone and follow the guide keeping your timer in mind.
It’s best to learn this now because otherwise you will just always have to ask for light strength /height advice. I’m just getting off bugging our guru for this to haha.

Back to what the others asked, is your exhaust fan at the top and your intake on the bottom is open for fresh air?
Do you have at least 2 clip fans moving air?
Get a larger humidfior. The amazon ultrasonic 6L ones caught my eye it does cool and warm misting as well as the ultrasonic prevents bacteria

I have turned one off and turned the other down to about half. Seems like enough for veg. Lights are about 18" from plants. Temps and rh under control. Still going to move power supply outside. Should I think about trimming the bottom leaves or toppling? Thanks for all your help!!

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Where is the thread where you were getting schooled? I would like to read it.

Haha schooled… Well idk about schooled but we are all always learning and having challenges.

As far as your plant goes you don’t want to really trim until nearing the end of Veg

Yeah if he dont have exhaust that’s probably the issue my QBs add little to now heat but I run my exhaust all the time.

@jcasey you’ll want to fim on 5-7 branch structure from the base then every 3-5 after for two more times.

This will create a small Bush to go into flower with

I’m also curious about how your intake and exhaust are setup? When you say temps are too high, how high is that exactly?

I have an exhaust fan is top hole an d passive air thru the bottom. The temps with both lights were around 95 and the rh around 30. I have turned one light off and turned it down a little. Everything good now. Will work to get things right for flower time.

Not running the exhaust fan and Temps around 80 and rh 70 or so. Light turned down to about 2/3. You think that will be enough?

Here’s what they look like now.

Ideally your canopy temps should be in low 80’s. Not sure why you’re not running exhaust, but you want to have air exchange to replenish co2.

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If I run the exhaust fan it sucks out the humidity. Isn’t humidity very important in this stage? What if you run it 30 min and off 1hr? I have a clip fan that moves air a little.

My fan is not a variable speed so it really pulls air. Do the controllers for AC motors work very well? Thanks for hanging with an old man but I do listen and appreciate it!!Temps with exhaust running 76 degrees with rh 60. Guess I’ll wait till flower to put power supply’s outside the heat is needed now!

I have put a variable speed controller on exhaust fan and run all the time Temps in low 80s humidity around 50. Do you need high humidity after the roots are taking over? Here’s what they look like now. When should I top?To me they look close especially the ones on the end. Running one qb260 full blast at 18".

I don’t top plants, but you want to have at least 5-6 nodes if that’s what you plan to do. You can turn down your light running it that close too. Your vpd would probably be in line at about 60% rh, but that is really more of having exact temp to take to chart. Close is probably pretty good.

I am new at this so I appreciate your knowledge. I think I have everything set pretty close. Just a tweak when needed. Also I thought it was normal to eather top or fem. Isn’t it good for more buds? Why do you not

Thanks for your help as I am new at this and your knowledge is invaluable. I think I have everything close.Just will have to tweak along the way. Being new I thought it was normal to rather femm or top. Is there a reason you don’t? My understanding you would get better yeld.

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If you’re looking for a bigger plant then it may be a good idea for you. But that’s not really how I learned to grow. I gow a lot of smaller plants instead. it cuts down on veg time required and faster turnaround.