Repost: Yellowing seedling need help determining the issue

Hi everyone,
I am completely new and started with an autoflower (zkittles)

The image shown is one of my seedling on day 6 (since sprouting) on day 4 there was some yellowing in center but I thought it would soon go away.

I am curious if this is expected or if I should make some changes?

List of my setup:

  1. zkittles auto
  2. Soil and coco mix + perlite
  3. 4 gallon pot
  4. ph of all water has been between 6 and 6.5
  5. indoor grow 2x2x4 tent
  6. 900w led (actual wattage is 200)
  7. Temps have been steady between 75f and 80f with light on and 68-72 with lights off.
  8. Humidity was an issue early, I left the humidifier on all night on accident and it spike to around 90% and caused a small gnat issue. I then let the soil dry up and sprayed neem oil mix and Diatomaceous earth on the top layer of soil. After that issue RH has been steady at around 50-60%
    9.Ventilation: Yes 4" fan and carbon filter
  9. AC: No, Dehumidifier: No, Humidifier: Yes
    11: Co2: No

I have lightly watered after the gnat issue, and gave 4 ounces of water with flora nova grow at 300ppm yesterday.
I have read that I probably should not have done that.

Could anyone offer any plans moving forward with this grow or what could be causing this issue.

Any help is really appreciated
Thank you!

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Over watering and stalking is always how the first grow starts. I see you had an issue diagnosed the issue and already adjusted , Good job. So what’s your biggest concern now? Yellowing? Take a pic in natural light hard to diagnose in the blurple lighting.

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Oh yeah sorry about the lighting.


Stop with the 4 ounces at a time watering.

Soak your pot so that water runs out the bottom.

Leave it alone until the pot is almost dried out, at least 5-7 days in a 4 gallon pot.

Your roots need to grow and search out the moisture in the bottom of the pot as the soil on top dries out.

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Ok, will do that today! thanks for the info

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