Replanting guidance, please and thank you

Started these May 30th from seeds.
OG Kush autoflower
Outdoor grow (Central VA)
They haven’t grown very tall, but they have already started to flower.
I trimmed back some larger, yellowing leaves to hopefully help the flowering process.
I bought some 5 gallon fabric pots, but have not re-planted yet. I’m a little hesitant because I don’t want to stress them out, but I’m also worried that they will get root bound pretty soon.
Your guidance and tips for replanting is appreciated, thanks!

Rotate and squeeze the pot until the root ball breaks loose and then place it in your partially filled new pot such that you bury some of the stem too. It’ll help build a better root system.

So long as you don’t disturb the root ball it should truck though a transplant like nothing happened.

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Thanks for your prompt reply!
I also read somewhere on here that I should water the new soil around the root ball and not the root ball itself to make the roots search for water.
Any truth to that idea?


Watering the root ball will cause the soil surrounding the air roots to compact and will put a squeeze on those roots, potentially suffocating your plant.

the current planters are not so good for root growth. and, the ladies are root bound and need 5 gallon homes. sprinkle root stim powder in the new soil before setting root ball.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be.

Good growing.