Replacement for FF Big Bloom?

Recently started a drain to waste grow with Canna Coco. Have been using FF nutes in my soil grows and have had pretty good luck with it so far. Plants are doing well. But the FF Big Bloom dirties up my res pretty quick. Any other nute I can use in the place of Big Bloom?

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You can try another line of nutes such as Advanced Nutrients. Nute combinations from makers are designed to work together to give plants what they need. Big Bloom is the component of the FF Trio that provides the plant with needed micronutrients. I don’t think there are any direct replacements from other makers.

Yea I’d rather not switch completely right now unless I have to. Just have alot of the FF to use up, lol. If I was to switch in the middle of grow, (plants are17 days old today) would there be any concerns doing so? I can always continue to use the FF in my soil grows to use them up

Talked to my local Hydro shop they suggested.
Gonna try this I believe