Replace or add to Lighting?

I have a 300w Blurple LED light that came with my 2x2x4 tent. On my first grow, NL Autoflower, I got a decent yield, but the buds were small. I understand I need to upgrade my lighting.

So the question I have is If I get a 1000w Full spectrum lamp. I am looking at the Spider Farmer SF-1000, the Viaparspectra P1000 and the Mars Hydro TS 1000, all of which are in the $150 range, or do I drop down to a 600w unit and use it with my older style 300w unit?

Also, I saw Lex Blazer review the Parfactworks 1000. Does anyone. have experience with this unit?

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Welcome ! The HLG 135 V2 R-Spec would be a good fit for your space it will veg a 3x3 space and flower 2x2 space. If you want to do a total upgrade on light. They run around two hundred bucks. You can use the light from start to finish. Just my thoughts good luck.


Those are all 100w lights. So if you do go that route you’ll be adding it with your current light not replacing your current light.


The TS 1000 is adequate for a 2’ x 2’ tent in flower. It draws 150w and uses Samsung LEDs. Can’t speak to the rest.