Repeat Monster croping clones from flower- will it degrade the bud in any way


I understand taking clones from 21 days of flower is considered Monster cropping and is a good way to keep a rotation and larger plants ( is this correct?) so my questions is- after I raise and take a clone from the third or fourth generation- will it change the bud in any way? Ive heard that you should only clone from a seed started plant? any experienced thoughts on this?


These are great questions I’d love to find out as well :+1:


very good questions!


I’ve been cloning off of plants that were originally grown 4 years ago and I take clone’s from clone’s from plants that are flowering and nothing’s ever changed as far as potency or growth or anything else and I’ve heard that Mith myself as well that somehow the strain gets weaker or harder to grow and all sorts of other things but I’ve actually never experienced that my experiences have been really good…
I have a white widow and super silver haze from ilgm that I’ve been cloning for 3 years with no problems and they’re still going strong today…



You will find out with this hobby there’s a lot of myths… like the myth that lights will kiil your roots… Here’s 2 new Ilgm ww beans and a fruity kush bean maybe 4 to 5 weeks old… And just look at those roots , they get light the hole time until their ready for the dwc home’s…

You can’t always believe everything you hear… Lol



It’s mostly the UV B and C who are affecting the cells and most of the indoor light don’t produce them or the glass recovering the lights don’'t let pass the nastier C’s and B’s :wink::innocent:@peachfuzz

Please, don’t be mad at me :cry: for disrupting your affirmations :innocent::kissing_heart::sunglasses::v:


Not trippin at all …I just know that I’ve never had any issues other than a little algae and I simply just wash that off before throwing them into the dwc but i have no problems affecting my roots with lite… that doesn’t mean that your science is flawed or that what you said isn’t true I’m just saying I’ve never had any issues and there in the direct light from T 5 ho’s… trust me I always do everything that they tell you not to… I like to find out for myself… that’s why I say don’t believe everything you hear sometimes you have to be the one to go out on the limb…:slight_smile:



Of course, t-5 are cfl and they produce UV A’s B’s and C’s and the inside coating and the glass absorb th B’s and C’s… I’m just explaining why you don’t have problem with light burning the roots of your plant :sunglasses:… And it’s a trial and error and succes growing indoors and seems like you are a very succesful one :wink::innocent::ok_hand:…


Well thank you for explaining to me why they’re not affected…:slight_smile: I never knew why , I just knew that I didn’t have a problem …although I hear a lot of people say that light will harm your roots… I suppose direct sunlight would , just like a sunburn… if you noticed that’s why it’s always the most sensitive part of your skin that gets burnt really bad and hurts but the rough Parts your skin never do so I would imagine the roots are the same way… but I find that I don’t have issues with the interior lights affecting my roots… you gotta understand it’s more of an observation for me … Lol trial and error…:laughing::slight_smile::smiling_imp:



That’s the basics of science… Trial and error, trial and error and some times succes… And of course observation… That’s make you a scientific to become :innocent::sunglasses: