Removing water leaves


Hi all. I’m wondering when/if I should be removing the larger “water” or “fan” leaves like the one I’m holding in my hand. I’m 2 1/2 weeks into flowering now and they are budding up nicely. I’ve heard it’s better to remove the big leaves so light can get to the lower buds. What do you guys think?


You can. It’s a useful technique especially if growing indoors. Just strip all the fan leaves except for the two at the top of each cola. Most strip right at 3 weeks so it’s perfect timing for you to do so! I would do that and remove any lower branches that will not be getting enough light to produce any useable buds. This will cause your plants to put more energy into the top prize colas. Welcome to the forum! Tag anyone with the @ symbol in front of their name, if you have any more questions or concerns. Example @ericscheel. Plants look very healthy btw! Good job!


You can tuck the leaves under to expose the undergrowth to more light.


Are these Auto’s and Do you do Auto’s this way or just tuck as not to stress them much?

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I’m quite timid about removing too many leaves. Others strip them.

For autos, you definitely want to be careful you don’t remove too much & stress your plant.


Agree with @blackthumbbetty on that one! If they are autos, just tuck. Never grown autos but hear they are a bit touchy!


For plants not in a scrog I only cut fan leaves if they’re yellowing or in contact with the ground. You can just tuck them out of the way instead of cutting.
In the scrog I slowly trim back most of everything below the canopy as they’re flowering. They naturally shed most of the leaves, but I take off the little budlings as they appear.


Thank you all for the replies. I like the idea of tucking rather than cutting. I’ll try that first. These are standard feminized seeds. Left one is Skywalker and right is Jack Herer. Very happy with the outcome so far. Growing only with fox farm nutes. I like to start seeds and clones in light warrior, transplant to happy from after 5-6 nodes appear and then throw them in ocean forest when I transplant into 5 gallon fabric bags. That formula yielded 7 pounds on 12 plants (outdoor) last year and I’m having good success so far with the same formula indoors.


Skywalker will produce some big dense buds. I got destroyed with bud rot with this grow but I’m still hoping for 6-8oz.

I just harvested and can’t wait to try it.