Removing or lengthening ballast for led grow light outside tent

I wonder if you can cut ballasy cord lengthen it and run your grow light ballasts outside of your tents.
Thoughts does anyone do this or something remotely close

@dbrn32 is our lighting expert so he would be the one to ask

Some lights are sold with that functionality available. For a lay person to cut wire, NOT RECOMMENDED. Warrentee will be void. Design may not be proper. Best to BUY what you need.
Cost more, but safe for garden electricity. OGTW, 270DC hurts more than 120/400/3phase.
Not sure the fire flames resulting.

Sure it can be done, and done in a very safe way. But if you have to ask, best not to do it.

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I have 2 vipraspectra p2500
I have a 3by3 tent
And i have another 3by3 area.
The lights when theyre 75% to 100% it gets 84 86f i cant exhaust or control.

If i could remove ballast from area by splicing and heat shrink i could extend a board mount the ballast out of the grow area with about a 4ft. Wire extension.
I could control my climates then i mean its that simple cause all i got now us all u can afford.

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Burning down the house will not make the grow tent occupants happy or cool.
PROTECT your grow, do something different. Splicing could have un-intended results.
There are electrical wiring and practices classes available online. USN 69-C people could do it if the FC or AX crew wanted the length. I just turn down the intensity and wait for fall, Winter will do just fine.

First check should be to just get a longer cord and replace it to required length. If you need to extend i would make sure it’s with proper cord and done using approved wiring methods. Good point on potential issues with warranty and fire hazard. I would use approved connectors and not solder/heat shrink.

So i would like to lengthen these about 4ft. And bracket my ballast down outside these 2 grow tents.
I go 25 to 50 to 75 to 100%.
The lights ballast in my grow area raises the heat to the mid 80s. I turn up intensity by 25% about every 3 weeks.
I run light at night.
I cant wait till fall.
I took the ballast off to
peek internally.
Where would i get the cable and the ends of the wire wasnt connected. It was soldered through some kind of plastic coating into the diode board.
I really want to seperate ballast from light in my grow areas.
Do you know where to order cables and connectors or guides on this. Sure it will not be safe and effecient to splice wire in middle and heat shrink it back.

This is my 2nd grow area i got 2 p2500 for 2 3by3 areas. I gotta grow with what i have so i have to customize for max efficiency with no budget

Should be some identifying numbers on the cable calling out size of conductor and type of insulation. I would order same size in length you need. If not, you can check output current of driver and compare to table of ampacity. From there you should have plenty of room to go a size bigger if you want. You’ll probably have to solder at board connections but can use something like wago lever nuts to connect your new cable to factory driver whip.

Thank you

Im going to try to find wire supplier and solder on board.
Now i was also thinking brace ballast on hanging piece of plexi glass on wall outside of grow area and a lottle 4 inch fan braced on it too

Seen them moved a lot of different ways. As long as you don’t ceate situation that could catch fire should do what you’re looking for.

Never extended flourscent ballast or led ballast, have modified home depot outside security hps lights. Correct wire diameter and twist caps on splices, then electrical taped. Had to remove ceramic socket and extend that out of the heavy cast iron fixture. The ceramic socket was mounted to old ■■■■ sign that was folded, halved into, cut with a hack saw, a few inches, making a flap sticking down after you opened the new hood. Spray painted white of course. Couple holes drilled to secure ceramic socket with the two screws you removed from old fixture. Could be butt spliced or soldered,

Couple chains and you had hps or mh hood with light and ballsst for a third of the price late 90s.

Got to thank my taxpayers for my electronic background. Thanks