Remodel for round 2

Hey what’s good everyone ok so we’re changing the whole set up this round … First off I grow in a basement in the mid west it’s winter time so it colder down there … so I have a 8/10/6 grow area and I have a 2/4/5 tent and a 3/3/4 cabinet in the tent I have two blue dream & two wedding cake in 3 gal fab pots with 5 each in back ups cause there photos and I plan on getting one breeder plant out of them so anyway I peat podded and solo cupped these about Dec 5 so 4 weeks of germ and seedling starting first day of veg under 2200w led 400 wall watts watering when needed around one cup or so to ease into it with about 750ppm 6.0 ph water and soil at 6.5 soil I a 30/30 20/20 blend of perlite, peatmoss ,local soil and compost

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Awesome! Round 2 can only get better right… im here and watching. But u should know me. Questions!!!

3 different areas will help more then you can imagine. Do you plan on staggering stages and starting a perpetual?

Breeder plant? I believe you mean a mother. One plant constantly in veg. Your favorite strain/pheno/smoke. And constantly take clones, root, veg, then flower them. And keep the mom for a stable of clones. Or a breeder like your seeds arent feminized and ur hunting a good male and female to make seeds?

The lighting ur possibly gonna want to upgrade if you intend to maximize that space. 8x10 = 80 x 35 = 2800? (Thats high efficiency) 80 x 50 = 4000w… really what ur aiming for when growing. 50w per ft ². But no rush. Shop slow and smart. Research.

Lastly u can up that cup by now maybe… got pics?

Sorry afterwork blunt got me again… rambling. Long story short. Ill be lurking.


Ya man I mean lookimg for a good male and I’m going to switch to 600 w hid mh and hps for one I have over 200 in lights now and at least I won’t have to trip if they put out enough cause they do

Haha gotta pay the cost to be the boss my man… im closer to 500… but who’s counting :joy:

Edit… ok ok… maybe 6 :man_facepalming:t5:

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I might just get another phlizon duel switch 305 adv wall watts

Please please please… my brother from another mother… please consider the new fangled way… leave those blurps in the 90s man. Try a cheapie. Get you a hlg 100ish… think they make 80s and 120s… you may drop $150 on 100w of light. And just try it out on vegging. I promise you wont regret it

I have 4.5 journals :joy::joy: and the first one was my crash course. Trust me. I yielded bout an ounce off at least 15 dropped seeds. Learn from my mistakes :pray:t5:


Watching with interest. Really liking the grow zone arrangement!
I do agree with @PurpNGold74 on the LED’s though. My first run was under a Viparspectra 900W (423 watt draw). My 4 x 4 was full no doubt, and I got quite a lot of smoke out of it. But all of the colas were really fluffy. Lots of crystals and lots of sticky - but fluffy - it had very little weight to it. I am not blaming the lights completely though, I feel that I probably under watered - more so near the end - without knowing it. I also used the bare minimum nutes. They were healthy and happy - so was I.
This run will see the Viparspectra used for veg only - changing up to a 600W HPS in a Cool Tube and utilising the correct supplements to focus more on maximising. I learned from my mistakes - hopefully that really ups my quality. No question that good genetics will also improve things.

Best o luck!!! :+1: :sunglasses: :crazy_face:

Ya I’m going ipower 600w digital ballest mh in veg hps I’m bloom **

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Youngsters dig the humidity. Wont hurt to jack it up a bit in veg. But they look happy

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I said screw it ordered and hit ship ipower 600w HD &HPS with air cooled refecter and dimmable bal

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So I plan on moving the four into the open space of the room train and veg them and flower then in the tent under the new hps

Hows the plan coming along?

Off and going should be getting my 600w mh& Hps light by sat but everything is on and poppin

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Man I got that light it’s to hot sucks now I’m wondering what to do $hit I need some guidance on how to set this up 6×8×6 basement room four inch inline fan and ducting 6" hyper fan 6" osl dehumidifer, humdifer ,600w HID DIMMABLE with. Mh &hps bulbs 2 philzon duel switch 1200w 305w true and the tent and cabinet the cabinet is light tight flowering 3 in there now under the one phlizon now the 2×4 tent is to small got up to 89 and it 30°outside and the fans are rolling not helping much maybe push air into the tent vent through the leakes instead of pulling hot out help me bro I’m confused and don’t wanna hurt the babies I got @PurpNGold74 @meeasy @Budz420

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Hello @Scattered I have zero actual experience with bulb style lighting, I moved from the sun to LEDs. I know that they are hot and so I never even tried em. My only suggestion would be to vent your tent all the way outside to remove the excess heat

Thanks for the tag mate!
It sounds like your airflow is seriously underdone. That, in addition to quite a heat load from all the gear.

Are you using the whole room as a grow area? Or do you have tents in the room? When I read back, it sounds like a tent inside a tent inside a room? I am confused.
But the fans you have will not do. You MIGHT get away with the 4" exhausting the cabinet - but you need to get rid of the heat while cool air enters from somewhere.
Happy to try and help - just trying to understand :+1: :face_with_monocle:

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I do

plus the hyper fan pushing it out maybe dial it down some but then how long will my mh bulbe last

Ya it’s one cabinet one tent in a room I’m pulling my hair out I’m about to scrap the whole set up and restart all the while not kill the plants I have going lol help

I’m sick I have yeilded500 grams off one plant with min effort and had twenty of them then we moved to a new town and I’m forced in doors and it’s been fail after fail hundreds in junk lights but now I have the lights just lack the set up experience and brother my yeilds up to this point haven’t paid for the light bill I need help it’s riding a tri cycle in a half pipe insane I just rack my brain I am extremely knowledgable but I’m lost

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