Remo nutrients f.a.q


I know there’s a few people out there starting to use your remo I figured that I would start this if there are any questions I really enjoyed using their nutrients and have had great success


I’m looking to try either Remo or AN ph perfect next go around. I’d love to hear all opinions on Remo for sure! Good topic @Hogmaster


I know it is a strictly cannabis based nutrient it’s fairly pricey but no more than any other nutrient unless you’re talking like GH


I’ll start… besides the base nutes for Remo, what additives are a must in your opinion?


I honestly go strictly by their schedule and it has every single thing you need in it I have not had one deficiency since I’ve started using it


I would say it is a as is nutrient go by the directions and you will succeed big-time my biggest recommendation is use full strength nutrients none of This third-quarter strength if you going to do it use them go full Strength but I feel that way with every nutrient


So use base nutes plus the kelp, astroflower, and nature’s candy? And cal/mag I have a lot of lol.


Sorry Had to do some editing


It comes with Magnifical And you use it all the way up till I believe seven week in flower but seriously what they send you is everything you need you don’t have to add anything else and less you just want to try to make the nutrients better than they already are and I have not been able to find out a way to make them better because they’re already great


No worries I knew what you were saying lol. I always go full strength nutes on photo period plants and autos usually at 3/4 to full strength depending on how they react. I’m trying to use less bottles than with NFTG. I’m at like 10 bottles plus ph up and it gets to be time consuming lol


My water comes out of the tap at 7.5 by the time I add all my nutrients I’m right at 6.3 to 6.8 no pH up or down


That’s nice! My water is around 7.15 out of the tap so I usually have to ph up most of the time. How many plants will the bundle pack do? I know your running a lot of plants so you’re going through it pretty quickly I’m sure!


Got 13 going and that’s probably about all it will do


I miss them already looking at houses will definitely be back on later :wink: wish me luck . Currently have all of them with the watering system with carrots in the soil to keep them going for a week without me there


Sweet! Thanks for the info and I’m sure I’ll have more questions lol.


Anytime my friend anytime at all @Countryboyjvd1971 has also been using them with some luck LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Remo says,’‘it will grow buds as big as your face’’…lol


What does the carrot do?


@Sasquatch Here is one set I have put in water let soak put caps on and one end in soil other in water

Plant Watering Devices, Kearui Set of 6 Ceramic Self Watering Probes Automatic Drip Watering Stakes for Indoor Outdoor Vocation Plant Watering


Those are cool… add that to my list hahaha