Remo Nutrients experience


Morning all,

I have been looking into my nutrient set for my grow that I’ll be starting in January. I know I’m very early in my planning but I was wondering. Does anyone have any experience with growing with Remo nutrients? I have seen some nice things on YouTube and I liked the pricing of it as well. From my understanding this stuff can even be compared to Advanced Nutrients, which is impressive. Any and all information would definitely be appreciated!! Thank you


Never heard of them or seen them before, but I’ll look into them now!


Yea man, urbanremo is the YouTube channel and if you just type in Remo nutrients into the search bar you can find some really compelling side by side comparisons of different nutrients. I’m leaning more to Remo ever since I started really looking into it


@ktreez420 let me know what you think once you have looked into it enough, OK? Thanks man!! :+1:


Remo is a guy started his own line look him up on the Internet. Look urbanremo. There pretty good from what i see i have have lots of his videos on the tube



Thanks @Soilgrowth I think I’m going to be going with these nutes for my first grow. Just wanted to see what people’s experience is with it, if any. Do you think any of the moderators would have any info on this?


From what ive read they are upbto par with advanced nutrients. Might be better do to they simply make it easier to monitor what you use. Very good stuff. Never forget humboldt golden tree for all grows


Alright, I’ll look into it and see if it can help! Thanks bud!


Humbolt Golden tree has a full line of nutrients now also but you need ILGM flower power .


Awesome information! Thank you @yoshi sorry for the late reply I was dealing with hurricane Matthew for a while there.