Remember...this is NOT a sanctuary

I always like to look back at how bad it used to be, I often tell people that a lot of my friends were getting their heads beat in from the police…over a seed or a roach, if you smelled like cannabis back in the day, you were getting a @$$ kicking. Dare I even mention the Rodking incident, or the RegDenny incident to follow…tearing up Korea town…you bet I was cheering them on watching them with weapons defending their stores from the rooftops! I just don’t feel it’s right to steal, and didn’t teach my own kids that type of thinking.

This was being given out to everyone that attended the first concert I had ever been to…at first I was kinda paranoid even to be inside the Shrine Auditorium, it’s one of the nicer buildings in L.A., but a friend that took me on my first trips picked this on purpose…the Shrine has a bunch of crystal chandelier’s, the Dorthy Chandler is pretty cool also, but I only go to those types of places occasionally…

This is how they used to treat us as kids, they’d try to come up with reasons to search and if they found any type of paraphernalia of any type, you were getting an @$$ kicking even if you didn’t go to jail. You didn’t even get to question it. But we questioned it plenty, I guess my generation was a bit rebellious… :roll_eyes: This plaque hung in a friend’s Dad’s living room after he was divorced. When he died his son sent it to me…:slight_smile: It was a Gentle Giant concert, one of our favorite progressive style rock bands…the drummer used to always wear an Oakland A’s uniform on stage. Once I saw Peter Gabriel dressed up like a snickers bar.

I made a plaque in wood shop, I burned it with a lighter, at one point we could actually carry a lighter at school, how else would we smoke in the bathroom and at the far end of the football field??? The taught us it wasn’t addicting, so no wonder they didn’t really mind us smoking in the bathrooms and behind buildings and hiding…all that time we always thought we were getting away with, but they taught it to us!!!

What can I say, bad choice on their part, cannabis might cause cancer, that we don’t really know…but certainly it is not as cancerous as tobacco…i didn’t make that so. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

This is only about a year after the war stopped in Vietnam…


I like how marijuana and drugs are separated.


Here’s the funny thing. That made me so paranoid at first, thinking if they were so strong about marijuana, what would they do if they found out I was on acid. I could barely stop laughing. I had to have a friend of mine drive me and my pickup home, with about 5 others who went there with me. Luckily we had a “designated driver”, cause I couldn’t even distinguish a road. Even 8 hours later, I was driving about a half mile home, I still can visualize my truck driving on top of a ridge with the other cards angled down an embankment on each side…bright colored beams coming from the street lights…still to this day I start seeing color ray beams coming from lights at night…but then one of my friends pointed out, how would they know? Are you going to tell them? Then I really started laughing…when I realized they can’t arrest you for laughing, AFAIK…LOL

The other thing is that people always say marijuana is a gateway drug, and I do feel it inspired me to experiment with other drugs, so I can see how people with bad control would run into bad situations and/or even overdose…it’s easy to understand how people overdose on heroin as you start loosing track of time and don’t know how often it’s been since you had your last fix…I’m certain I’ve lost friends from this condition.

How I survived is a mystery, but being afraid of needles had a great deal to do with it as heroin has got to be one of the biggest reasons for an overdose of drugs unintentionally, than any other drug in existence. I could be wrong, but it sure seems that way…

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Saw Pink Floyd in LA 1972 or 73 I cant remember. LA chief of police was outside on a podium with a bull horn yelling "This is not a pot sanctuary or a drug haven, you will be searched if any drugs are found you will be arested ". I had a 4 finger bag of weed down my pants and was just starting to come on to a hit of 4 way window pain otherwise known as LSD as I walked up to the cops searching everyone before entry.
There were flyers everywhere that looked like the one you got. I made it in with my bag of weed but didn’t get to smoke more than a few joints. If you lit up security would swoop on you if they saw you smoking anything. City of los Angeles had just passed a smoking ban in all public building. One of my friends got busted halfway through the concert for having a joint on his ear, while wondering around the concession area during the concert. He was so high on acid he couldn’t sit still. Saw a bunch of people get arrested that night. Thanks for posting that brought back some great memories

OMG, this is bringing back memories D, that was just around the time I starting going to concerts, there were so many bands to see, I couldn’t see 'em all…but I did see Floyd twice. The second time was the most memorable, I think it was around '76 sometime, there was a huge festival in Anaheim with Yes, Floyd and Greg Allman, possibly a couple others like Gary Wright may have been one…acid was everywhere, by this point in time the LEOs quit hassling the hippies and kinda let us use drugs as long as we didn’t bother others. Those were the days we were paying the price for what is taken for granted today. It seems like our state has gone over the edge, but so has the country…there’s a lot of turmoil over some of the existing policies violating our rights that we’ve never been able to challenge. I did get let go once when I was 16 or 17, 4th of July we were camping at the Ventura county line…the real county line, not the County Line point up the highway. We called it Heavens, but many called it 4 steps because of the levels you could park on…I had a bag of weed, a bong and a shopping bag of illegal fireworks. I was barefoot walking down the cliffs…when he shined his light in my eyes I could see his badge, just as I was saying, “Howdy!”, and right after that I mumbled, “oh f#@$”. The Sheriff cars, they made me pull my truck up to the highway, searched through all my surf equipment, and let me go. I couldn’t believe they were letting me go…but it was July 4th, about 1:00am, I had just got there to camp. They told me to go home…Being the dip$#!T I was, I drove down to Sequit, did a u-turn and went back, drove down and parked and went down to party with my friends…I had no weed of my own…:frowning_face: Lucky for friends…I have always lived by that Freddie Freeloader slogan…

“Dope is better in times of no money, than money is in times of no dope…” :wink:

Me and a few high school friends still say that to this day…

EDIT: I’m glad we can both laugh about it today…what a long space trip it’s been…who woulda thunk??? With 6 personal plants, we have weed for life! :smiley:

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I was at that PF concert at Anaheim stadium. I drove a truck that I got the day of the concert. Went from San Fernando Valley to the concert high on acid and it was the 1st time I had ever driven anything other than a bicycle, no drivers ed or any instructions. I had all my friends in the back and my girlfriend up front with me. No one else knew how to drive and it was my truck.

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We must have been to some of the same parties. Did many of 4th of July parties at county line the real one. We knew exactly where the line was cuz we almost always got jacked by the sheriffs from one side or the other or both. Where did you live at that time

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I can’t believe it, what a small world. I grew up in the Valley and went to high school at Monroe, it was by Nordoff/405. My first house was close to Birmingham High, which wasn’t too bad of an area then, so glad I moved. I lived in Japan for 5 years and came back to that house by Birmingham in '87 with my wife whom I married in Japan. My vintage guitar store was right by Sunset Blvd and Sierra Bonita, it was named “WeBe Guitar”. It was spitting distance from the Sunset Grill…My partner managed a band you probably haven’t heard of named Bang-Bang and he wanted to get out of the guitar biz…we had several sales at shows and such, but we had a lot of guitars we couldn’t sell, so I packed all of them up and shipped them to the Japan.

Of course Bang-Bang fell apart as the record company tried to oust him and put their own manager for the band…surprise, surprise…but he created another band with a guitar player we knew that was successful, named Poison…but once again the record company ended up screwing him…

Some guys were not as lucky, they ended up 6 feet under…so many bands…and even weekend parties where Van Halen played, they used to project ski and surf videos and a band would play until the helicopters showed up and they closed us down after curfew. We’d get a lot of “party at Rinaldi and Chatsworth on Friday night” at school from our friends.

How about Van Nuys Blvd.? You ever go to cruise night on Wed.? A high school friend of mine got them to start it up again…not sure if it’s still going. The LEOs used to hassle use there also…they gave a lot of tickets, but I never got one luckily…one of my friends got one for urinating on the side of a building because nobody would let him use a restroom…LOL I need to stop before I go on forever…yeah, I grew up in the Pit (what we called the San Fernando Valley).

No way I went to Monroe

Im 63 born and raised in the Valley lived off of Nordhoff between Van Nuys and Sepulveda hung out at Sepulveda park at Parthenia and Kester. Would have graduated from Monroe in 77 but I dropped out a few months into 11th grade and got a job and moved out of my parents house at 16

Wasn’t that either Pigs or Animals tour? Floyd had a big wall of animal speakers or something…Yes had quite a setup as well…I think Moraz was in the band and Wakeman was gone, but that I can’t remember. I saw Yes a couple times also. Memory cells could be limited from those days…LOL

That was right around the time the sinsemilla started to show up down in Fallbrook…the start of the New Revolution! I’m pretty sure those were Sativa, we didn’t have any Indica until possibly in the 80s it seems.

Yes Animals

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No EFFin’ way…what year? I’m '76, the bicentennial class…now they call it North Hills rather than Sepulveda, but my classmate got the Wed. night cruising going again, but I’m not sure he participates. I have a lot of friends from 1-2 years before and after our class, and my class now holds a yearly reunion at some park in Simi Valley. I haven’t been. I took my wife to our 25 year, but most of my close friends went to the 20 year and said they were never going back. I took my wife when we had it at the Marriot in Woodland Hills. My wife said she would never go back. She just didn’t know anyone, and my wife doesn’t party much at all…we’re opposites…LOL

This is so strange, this would be the last place I would expect to meet people that grew up and/or even went to my high school…things have changed.

Did either of you guys ever go to a concern at the Shrine Auditorium? I have only been there once, for that 1st Gentle Giant concert I went to the first time I dropped acid.

I didn’t comment to D but yeah, I ate window panes of various colors, orange barrels, purple barrels, microdot…I’m surprised I can still remember those things…once I gave a gal’s brother some money for some acid, never saw him but one of my friends was with his sister…one day, like 3-4 months later he shows up outside one of my classes gesturing to speak to me after class is over…turned out to be some of the strongest acid we had eaten, although I had friends who had bad trips for over a day and my mentor into psychedelics had once had a bad trip for 2 weeks were he acted like a kid and his wife took care of him…I had a bad trip with friends at the Griffith Park Observatory…I tripped there twice, but this one time I’ll never forget…I learned alot that trip, things I still remember to this day…but here’s the funny thing and you can probably relate to this…all of those window panes, microdots, barrels, sunshines, et al, nobody really knew where or how much acid was on them. We used to split them up like cookies, “here, why don’t you just take a 1/2 then…”, but was there LSD on it, we didn’t even know if it was the 25th compound we were getting, it was a piece of EFFin’ paper in most cases, even on the window panes we would cut them up on the panes, but was the LSD in the corner, in the middle? And that is where I would say, cannabis can be a gateway drug…only in the sense it opens your mind to recreational drug use.

I’m reluctant to mention my mentor’s name, the guy that had a bad trip for 2 weeks…he was a famous child actor in the 50s and I went to school with his kids, but he took me in when my step dad fired me and kicked me out of the house when I had just turned 18…my Mom was freaking…I bought a Kelty backpack, put as much clothes as I could, took my skiis and my guitar and went to Oregon to try and find myself. My mentor treated me better than my Step Dad. It taught me a lot about family.

The same person used to hold recreational drug use seminars to educate people on recreational drug use…and always referred to recreational use as a victimless crime. And that is how I have always believed…that as long as you don’t harm others, you are only hurting yourself. In the case of heroin, people often steal for their habit, so it’s not victimless. But I’m afraid of needles…if I wasn’t afraid of needles, I could have easily killed myself as a musician. My mentor died in his early 50s…his 2 sons are 1-2 years younger than me. The Sanctuary poster was on his living room wall, even after he had moved…and when he died his eldest son gave it to back to me. It’s signed on the back noting it was at the Gentle Giant concert…now it’s on my wall…after 40+ years it came back full circle to me…it makes me so proud to have fought this battle…can anyone f#@$ing believe this is happening? Seriously, pinch me! :roll_eyes:

We had to have know each other and a lot of the same people

@plumbdand @Liber Y’all need to dig into a yearbook, you probably sat next to each other in math class lol!

Did you have Anterasian (sp?) for geometry? I had calculus, why I’m not sure, but I failed because I didn’t show up in class very often. I don’t like that complicated math, geometry taught me how to use theorem which applies to all forms of problem solving in life. Music is mostly mathematics and I have always loved mathematics, but it as geometry that many kids struggled with, and I have to think they struggle solving real world problems to this day…I hope they learned in the end, most of us do…but we’re all different.

The teacher at Monroe that possible had the biggest impact on my life overall was Dale Petty, he taught wood shop, and I had a construction class with him where we built that detention building for the school, we built it in the back of the wood shop and rolled it on pipes to put in place where it is. Petty had a dozer pull it. We created model homes that were built on a pier foundation, and he taught us how to frame walls to code. We built that building to code. It was named the Albert Einstein building! :smiley:

I wish I had figured out then what I know now…I’m building a log home and shop to retire to…and I’m convinced that owner-builder homes are a way for people to get ahead in life. This is the foundation for my log home. I wish I could have understood Petty’s genius when I was just getting out of high school…the other wood shop teacher, Hampton, was a nice guy, but he didn’t have the same impact. Petty let me run with whatever I wanted to make, which is how the poster with the burnt edges came about. He would look at your project and say, "Ok, you used used about $.50 of wood, and about $.40 of finish, let’s just round it up to $1 to make it easy. Hampton would make me measure every piece…LOL

Did you go to Holmes Jr. High also? That’s where I met most of my old school friends, we went to both Holmes and Monroe together, prior to that I lived in Canoga Park, and Upload (San Gabriel Valley) for most of my elementary school. I did a lot of stupid $#!T in high school, so not sure if I should tell you my name…LOL But I do have all 3 of my Valhallas and surely we must know many of the same people.

But this is a true story…at my 25 year reunion, an unamed girl came to talk with me and my wife, my wife didn’t speak english too well at that time, she had just came to America only a couple years prior…but the gal said to me, "when we were in schools all the jocks made fun of you surfers and said you stoners would never amount to anything…but she said at the 20 year which I didn’t make, my good friends showed up with their kids, and holding down decent jobs, but the jocks were all working at managers of McDs, or car sales, $#!T like that…not all of them, but some that was true…she praised me for turning out how I did…really made me feel good. If I could, I’d still be hangout out at County Line smokin’ a fatty before I paddled out… :rofl:

I went to Sepulveda jr high for part of 7th and Lawrence jr high in Chatsworth for 9th. 8th grade I was in a boys home Ranch San Antonio. Corner Plumber and Desoto. I was there though 9th grade and was the 1st kid from the boys home to go to public school I was a juvenile delinquent. Spent 2.5yrs there before I was able to convince them I was a good kid.

The only yearbook im in at Monroe was 75-76 school year 10th I only took 4 classes and only passed one. English it was my home room. Teacher was terrified that Id cause problems in his class, so he sent me to the library every day. Said as long as I stay out of his classroom he’d pass me. I just had to show up get counted and off to the library. Gave me a C- I dont remember any teachers names only the head of the school police Mr Uschalman. Almost all the people I hung out with back then are dead from drug overdoses or suicide or are in prison. My brother whos 4 yrs older than me graduated in 73 most of his friends are still alive.

Ok, that means you were 2 years younger than me, so you weren’t there in '73, that was when I was a freshman. I think it was '73 or '74 that streaking popular. Damnit we had a great generation! LOL

Here’s a bit of Monroe trivia for you…a guy that graduated in '74 hung out at County Line, he’s sleep in his camper…wake up in the morning it’s where I got the idea to sleep in my pickup w/shell. His name was Jim Generini. He got caught streaking, it got on top of the hall coverings and streaked down during lunch break right by the courtyard, down the pole and out to the parking lot…brilliant plan, but one of the attendance 'tards was in the parking lot during lunch and got in front of Jim’s car and everyone started packing all around so he couldn’t get out…poor guy, the whole courtyard was cheering him on when he streaked through there!

They don’t even breed kids like that anymore…half of our parents were divorced…LOL

And were you in SWAS or regular school? I wasn’t in SWAS as I wasn’t in school too much! It’s not a good thing actually, but I was always bored. They didn’t know how to embrace the kids…but most all of my friends that did go to school more than me were in SWAS, so they didn’t have all the same deadlines and tests and crap, I used to hang out there quite a bit and it was a nice environment to be educated in…:smiley:

I know you must know what SWAS was. I doubt anyone else could even guess…I’ll send you a PM.

Do you know Charlie Buzzetti