Remember Cheeba? What current strain would be close?

Not too long ago, only about 40 years, there was an exotic strain in our hood called “Cheeba”. It was definitely single or two toke bud, golden brown, smelled fantastic (no skunk odor just sweet like balsam fir), and gave spark to the most extraordinary sights, sounds, aromas, tastes, and touches (especially with close company). It was a 10 through and thru. Nothing has ever beaten it in all these years. Must have been 100% sativa.

The question is, what current strain would come close to it? I’d love to regrow this truly exotic variety.

I would advise you to do an online search in order to find out what possible genetics made up Cheeba.

Another way to answer your own question would be to peruse through the seedbanks and look for the characteristics that you described. This is what I qould do if I were tryting to identify an old strain that is not listed anymore. Peace, lw

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