Remay row cover

Anyone in any cold climate regions ever use Agribon remay row cover to get their girls in the ground before the last spring frost?
We started using it pretty extensively last spring to start tender salad greens earlier than recommended and also in fall to continue harvesting fresh salad right through Christmas time.

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They don’t make it big enough to use on outdoor flowering cannabis but it should work on the seedlings until the fear of frost has completely passed.

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One thing to consider man, salad greens , especially baby spinach is pretty cold tolerant, light frost don’t affect them …
Cannabis is a different beast…

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Cannabis plant and tomato plant are very similar in the side of cold temperature and frost tolerance : not so good.

However, if you’re lucky and in your region you experiencing an early spring, hey I wish you the best of luck and will follow your adventure with great interest (I am living in southern Québec and I have a little cheap green house for my garden and with it I am able to put my young tomato plant as early as half May, 2 weeks before what is recommand at my latitude, 1 week of June)

~Al :v: :innocent:


So true and thanks for mentioning that. June 1 seems like such a long time away here DownEast. But you’re right those cold weather brassicaes, radish and lettuces are a lot more frost tolerant than tender cannabis.
Of course come late Sept-mid Oct those ripening flowers of those mammoth ladies love the gentle touch of a light frost right through to my preferred maturity. I think the cooler temps in conjunction with the rapidly dwindling daylight nudges them into being more productive right up until perfect for harvest.
The purple pigmented strains seem to be more much more pronounced as the cold drives the chlorophyll out.


Right on, you said it all !!!