Relatively small grow setup


A question from a fellow grower:

For a relatively small grow, 3 or 4 plants max, what size tent and growing medium would you recommend? I want to stay clear of any sort of water reservoir but I am not necessarily sure that would is best for indoor or yields.


Suggest use soil as medium if 1st grow. generally a plant needs 2.5 feet for proper development, what size containers are you going to use. suggest 5 gallon pot for “regular and feminized” seeds and 3 gallon for “auto” seeds


The tent area could be 4 ft x4 ft x6-7 ft for 3-4 plants, imo, to allow for growth. You might want bigger or smaller.

You could use a 600 watt mh/hps combination, one for vegetative growth, the other for flowering. You might want LED lighting, less costly to run, more expensive to buy.

What you grow in…soil, lots of choices(fox farms is popular)…or soil-less mediums(Pro-Mix popular) lots of choices
There are advantages and disadvantages to every choice, decisions YOU have to make.

Start with a realistic budget. The average cost to set up a grow tent is $1000. You can do without a few things, but lights, nutrients, test meters, it adds up fast.You need a place to put your grow area, you need access to lots of electricity, you need a lot of water. Temperature is very important.

Read forum posts here, it’s educational, and fun (to me)…we have all faced these things, you can do it. :grinning:


I agree. You could get by with a 3x3’x7’ ten;t but, 4x4’x7’ would give you a nice space and plenty of ability to circulate air.


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