Regulating tent temperature

Tape a home ac filter to the inside over your vent. Let’s air in but cuts the light coming in.

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yeah, like the pleated paper kind id think would work. lots o options, i just like asking everyones opinion as youll see ! glad to have another member to tag to my upcoming journal !

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yep, several options. rite now i just lean the black cover over the vent. peeked in there and looked pretty blacked out. im already wanting bigger tent ! haha. seen some tents that have not just the screened rectangles at bottom, but boot sleeve vents down there too. seems ideal. just stick some flex duct in, sinch it up, and have several turns in the flex. air in but light cant turn the bends. seen one tent like that so far, covert i think on hydrobuilder.

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Seems good thing to have around

@Budz @ConcreteBudz @Bulldognuts @Hellraiser @Jaydawg6528 for screened vents at lights out. Sticks to velcro. Tested w phone flashlight before purchasing.


To use in place of your precleaner? Wouldn’t use both, if I used a precleaner still I would just throw it in the washer as per instruction. There are much cheaper options for intake.ones that don’t say 3M

No, to put over my screened vent at bottom of tent during lights out. Air flow minus the light penetration. May come in handy elsewhere sometime too.


Just giving myself options. Ordered AC infinity inline fan. Another tent and ill have 2 setups!

Finally got a handle on dropping the flowering humidity. Almost too low!

easier to bring up than take down. For me that is.

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Heres the finished product. Light blocked, but air flows. Got some velcro at ace, lady friend sewed her up!

works like a champ. @Budz @Hellraiser @Bulldognuts @ConcreteBudz. On the left obviously. Gave her factory one for template! 3m filtrete.


Here it is @Mr_Wormwood

Looks like that should work nicely.

Yeah, it panned out great for me. Air flows and light does not. Had a couple folks want some! My girl is really shining now. Put her in a fabric pot this weekend, fed a nice batch of fox farm at 6.47, and the bud sites are filling in nicely. Very sticky they are too. Things are looking good. Still debating when to drop some seeds. Im so wrapped up babying this one right now!

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Is the white Pre filter sleeve a must? Seems awfully restricting of airflow?

Not really needed. but without it you’ll need to clean the dust out of the other part more often.

You mean the filter itself?

Yes, the pre-filter keeps the dust off the filter, with no pre-filter you’ll have to clean the filter now and then as dust builds up pretty quick.

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Also im pushing air out of the filter if that makes a difference. Inline fan in tent, sucking air out of tent and out through carbon filter which is outside the tent. By the way, my girl is looking really good ! Serious changes daily with bud sites, and just caked with trichomes. Very sticky. @Budz @ConcreteBudz @Nicky @beardless @KeystoneCops @Covertgrower


That is what you want to see. I have the same set up with my exhaust. I push it though the filter.


using the pre filter sleeve ?

Yes I rolled it and stuffed it inside the filter to keep any particles out of the charcoal. I also used a piece of a used prefilter and placed in on the intake as a filter