Regulating tent temperature

I live in southern Arizona where it gets really hot. I just moved my seedling into the main 4’ x 4’ section yesterday and hours later it started showing signs of, what I’m guessing based on my research, heat stress (fan leaf edges curling up). She’s doing better today after trying to fix the temperature, but boy did I have to fight it.

Right now my environment is at 25% RH and 81.7F. Too dry and too hot. I have a cool-mist humidifier coming on rush delivery to help get that RH up, but how well is it going to cool down my tent?

I keep the AC in my house blasting at 70F (I’m originally from up north and hate the heat down here). The tent is just catty-corner from an open AC vent, I have my exhaust fan on almost high, two clip-on fans working the inside, I have the front flap of the tent half-way open with another fan that’s sitting under the AC vent blowing right at my tent and through all this my temp went from 81.5F to 81.7F


I’m really hoping that humidifier helps at least a little. Anyone else live in hot climates that have heat issues? How do you deal with them?

Picture attached is from today, after stress signs subsided.

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Picture attached here is from when she originally presented stress.

Is there any way you can decrease the amount of space you need to cool & humidify. Is the tent in a separate room the you can cool and humidify separate from the rest of the house with a portable or window AC? Where are you exhausting the tent’s air? Exhausting back into the same room helps increase humidity. Ideally, when you don’t want the humidity, then exhaust outside. Lights are big heat generators. Type of light certainly makes a difference. Also, the light’s driver produces a lot of heat. Can it be relocated outside of the tent?
Just a couple of thoughts

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m using LED lights so able to mitigate some heat there.

I’m dumping my exhaust into a passive vent in the ceiling but we’ll see how long that lasts. I’ll most likely need to try to extend out a window.

I ordered a mini swamp cooler. I figured I can try and set it and the humidifier on low, or possibly just use the swamp cooler if it’s effective enough. Cranking the AC up has helped for now but probably not as cost-effective as the swamp cooler.

Thanks again for your input!

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You can use a towel that is hanging over something to wick water out a container to increase humidity… Let one of the small fans blow over the towel …:sunglasses::v:


Oh nice! That’s a great idea! I’ll give that a go.

Many thanks!!

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And what does that mean as far as ambient temps? Is AC capable of cooling house to set temp? How much ventilation do you have, cfm of extraction? Size of tent?

I think you have a ventilation issue as in not enough.

My space is 23 cubic feet, it takes 390cfm for me to keep my temps where I want them. 75 to 80 with a ambient of 70 to 75.

What swap cooler did you buy? Interested in how it works for you. Considering the same. Yuma!

It’s a 4’ x 4’ x ~7’ tent. My AC does a good job keeping the house cool. My ambient is currently 70F. The tent is set up in one of the biggest rooms in the house and it gets good airflow.

I’ve been able to keep the temps down today with the AC. I’m at 78F now. But it’d be nice if I could accomplish that without blasting the AC, but when you live in Arizona I guess you just have to deal with it.

I’m in Maricopa. I know Yuma gets even hotter. We’ll see if this little swamp cooler does anything.

81f not really a problem with leds, that’s about where you should be. Definitely want to get rh up though.

Best way to turn an intake vent, lower rectangular w velcro flap, into a light proof intake during 12/12. A duct sleeve down low would make it easy. Ducting w some bends in it. But the rectangle screen weird to try and lightproof yet let air in??

My rear screen is always open.

one courner protudes a little on the light direction side, tent just ever so slightly angled with it. Threw a piece of black plastic over the top wall side. Honestly fell together more than planned.

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Just worried when open for air, but light during lights out. She roughly 3 or 4 weeks into flower and like to keep her going!! Some say tiny bit light no biggie, others say disastrous?

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No light reaches this vent. The plants in there are photo period and we’ll into flower.

you can see a glow from behind the tent with the room dark. But the room light isnt close to directly over it, it’s off center in the room up against the wall. So even tho light may beam from the back, there is no light source with a beam on that wall. Which is why saying if you can see light when the room lights off means that light can get in is false. Well half false. If I went and shined a flashlight behind it, yes. But under normal use of the room, no.

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I worry too much as yall find out when I start grow journal. :exploding_head:


Im talking about rectangular screen vent, not cord and duct sleeves. Those sleeves work good blocking light.

Look closer

I haven’t closed it since I opened it a month or more ago. The 2000 kit has 3 screens at the bottom. I only use the wide rear one. No rear one on the 1000

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@Hellraiser on vacay lately?!

Probably gearing up for tomorrow? I feel like that’s the same generation of movies. May the 4th be with you all.

I stay way from computers/phones on the weekends and takes me a few hours to get caught up on Monday mornings.

Yes that is a pain to light proof and I can’t get to the back of the tent to take a pic but I have a shallow box back there that covers it (duct taped to back of tent) and only has an opening on the bottom of the box to let air in with no light. Could also use a box to cover it and then use ducting from the box for air input. May be easier to just keep it shut and use other means (ducting) to get air in.

Gotcha. Only reason I was blowing up the forum this past weekend, was i was setting up my equipment. Finally had time from work to get on it. Thanks and looking forward to my " new" grow! Sour diesel and mango kush Itll be. 1 each. Sour diesel auto, mango photo. Want to get my feet wet with an auto?!