Regular Seeds Sexing in a small spaces on a budget!

Have a couple great grows under my belt but my next Run is with Reg Seeds!

  1. How should I veg out mystery beans to sex them? (Killer beans from good source)
    I’ve always used Fem Seeds so I Start in Solo cup then put in 5 gal smart pot and away we go. This time I used 8 seeds to get my required 3 girls but cant put all in smart pots and pray.
  2. Do you transplant from solo to pot then again when about to flower?

On a side note I do have 2 Fem White Widow started in case total failure of Regs

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You need to get them big enough to clone them to test them for sex. I’d say a gallon size pot anyway! @38yeardream

5 nodes tall I would think would be old enough to take the clones.

Once you get the males out if they are going to be indoors the remainders should go to 5 gallon pots.

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@bob31 is in point
Take a clipping after you get five nodes clone her and flower the clone

5 nodes where? On the main plant or the shoot you want to cut?

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@Whodat66 main shoot then you’ll want to pick a cutting spot you can wait a little longer till it’s a bit bigger if you wanted to
I would want to know as soon as possible if it where me less to wasted

Not considering it, but my girl has just put out her 4th set of true fan leaves. Are you saying that one more and I can clone one of the shoots? Do the shoots need to have “x” nodes?

Sorry if I am a stoner and didn’t grasp this. Video’s I have seen, cloning is with a plant that has been flowering for a few weeks.

Standing by for class! :slight_smile:

ok I left out little to no room in closet and one 600 Led, my wife is mean and only allows what will fit in area. I cant even leave supplies outside it.

So without cloning I guess the only way after reading topic is transplant into 1 gallon pots flower then Sex then put females in 5 gallon smart pots

Moral of the story get Fem seeds from Robert no matter how amazing Genetics are i am not equipped to risk males.

If wondering regs are Smurf Berry and Space Dust

The Clone doesn’t even need to have roots to sex it… just take a clone and throw it in to 12/12 right away… in about 14 days you will see roots and about 5 to 10 days after that you will know if it’s a boy or girl… :wink:

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You know what’s funny, is that this just popped back up and I get it now LOL. Cloning just to find out the sex, but not actually trying to grow a second plant :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So this would be for an unknown seed rather than one you bought on here. Duh.