"Regular" seeds on market?

Im just wondering if the seedbank sells hermis?

Any seed has the chance of producing a hermaphrodite plant.


Do you know if certain ones have a higher chance?

I’m curious why you’re asking. Do you WANT hermie seeds?

Either that or a male seed. I want to reproduce seeds so I can smoke for free forever lol

In that case just get regular seeds, you have a good chance of some being male and then you can collect and save the pollen to make seeds on any female plant.



Thanks for the advice

curious. If one collects the pollen,…can you then sprinkle it on one specific bud to get some seeds or do you need to pollenate the entire plant?

The one that you want seeds on is enough. But don’t be surprised if a few seeds show up on other parts of the plant unintendedly , especially if you aren’t exceptionally careful. After all, pollen is meant to float around on the air very easily.

Happy seed breeding,


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if you have an auto going…and some pollen on hand…can you seed an auto bud??..will it produce auto seeds?

‘Like’ produces ‘like’. In other words, the off spring will share the characteristics of its parents.

If the male parent is an auto and the female parent is an auto, then you are most likely to have a seed that will be very likely to create an auto plant. This is never absolutely guaranteed though, as both regular photoperiod cannabis and autoflower cannabis – they have the genetics already contained in themselves to act like an auto or regular, if certain environmental factors trigger recessive genes. Depending on the strain and its heritage, these recessive traits are more or less easily coaxed out of the plant.

If the male plant is regular, then the seed will have about a 50/50 chance of it being an auto or a regular – roughly – and again depending on many genetic, and potentially other factors.

If you want to know more, you can read up on epi-genetics and how it relates in botany to chromosome modifications and the resulting genotype to phenotype variant expressions.

You have too keep in mind genetics are quite complex and often the results of crossbreeding can be very unpredictable. This is why stable strains might take many generations of back breeding to achieve the stable, predictable and consistent results in its offspring.


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got it…so to get auto seeds one should grow an auto male plant to increase their odds… I had seen some seeds on a few sites listed as “regular” auto seeds and assumed that means some may come up male.

i live in hamilton new zealand do you deliver seeds to new zealand if so whats the postage amount to pay to get them here waiting for your reply patman thanxs.

usually with ILGM the shipping is included in the cost of the seeds.

is there problems recieving the merchandise and how to order please

Hi Patman, yes we ship to NZ daily and shipping is free of charge. You can start ordering here. Contact our service desk if you need support at support@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

Bit late to this post. I had no issues at all getting seeds to nz. Get them here mate! You won’t regret it!

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can you use nz dollars to buy the seeds

Check out their FAQ mate!

I used a credit card :credit_card:. Easy

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@patman email them at


With all your questions.

They will be happy to answer all your questions. They are great folks.