Regular Seeds better?


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So is a regular female seed better than a feminised. Potency wise, and if you plan on keeping it as a mother plant. Have read on the net that there isn’t any difference, Which I kind of find hard to believe. Has anyone actually experimented before.

Actually there can’t be any difference genetically. A regular plant is treated to produce feminized seeds. The seeds produced will be an exact duplicate (genetically) of the mother plant.

Environmental issue will be the determining factor after that.


They are essentially the same thing, mate.

I haven’t read a whole lot about it but I can tell you that I can tell a difference in how they grow. I’ve had more issues with fem plants had only one herm, seems more are picky about lighting and food, they’re smaller plants, and grow slower. The reason I still use the fem seeds is it tough in a small grow area to plant 10-15 plants hoping for 6-8 females and getting 4 on one grow and 12 on another… plus there’s strains I want to grow I can’t find in a reg seed


All seeds may express phenotypic differences regardless if reg or feminized. Only genetic copy is cloning.


I have seen no real evidence of one being better than the other. I do believe feminizing opens more doors for hermaphroditic qualities to arise in otherwise stable genetics.


Thanks for you reply.

I thought a feminised plant was sprayed/treated too produce feminised seeds. Sure I read that somewhere. Wouldn’t know if them seeds would be any good or not. Can see why feminised seeds are so much popular. Was just asking out of interest

I’m sorry, but the only genetics in the bunch are those from the mother plant. The question was:

There can’t be any difference as there is no difference. The plant won’t be displaying traits the mother doesn’t have.

Yes and no. The plant is treated and turns hermie. There are several ways of doing this. Generally a person takes clone(s) from a mother plant. All the clones are the same genetically. Treat a plant or a portion of a plant, then once the plant shows male parts, fertilize the female part of the plant or it’s sister clone(s). There are no other genetics in the mix, therefore the seeds produced will only be female.

There is a possibility of passing that hermie trait to the next generation. It is in the nature of the plant. You can get a hermie from a regular seed.

I tried producing feminized seeds this year. The plants I treated showed male parts but didn’t produce pollen(?). Anyway, I was told that you don’t really fail until you quit, so I am continuing to try. I have 3 White Widow clones from a plant I started Oct '20.

I haven’t had a plant unexpectedly turn hermie. I’ve put this plant under a lot of stress. You name it, I’ve done it. That may be the reason it didn’t produce pollen. It could have also been a user error. I was using 50ppm of colloidal silver. This go around I plan on using 25ppm…

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You are correct that the only genetic contribution is from the mother, but that does not make it a genetic copy. you will still see variance in the seed. probably better than the 80% uniformity you see in a heavy IBL, but not an exact match.

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Once you introduce the hermaphrodite it can and does sometimes follow, not sure how that would be Genetically the same. Sure regular seeds can herm. They could have also had hermaphrodite introduced into breeding line, or just not be hearty enough to deal with stress.

We’ve gotten to point where people’s plants herm and they are happy because they got “bonus seeds”. I’ll never understand this lol. Those seeds need to be destroyed, not sent to your buddies.


That’s really interesting, Thank you for all your comments.

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I can say without a doubt is does just that. If one crosses regular seed male with a feminized female the offspring always throws more than average hermophidites and males.

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Funny. I kept a male here for mudman to try and collect pollen for him and the plant I kept for him did the same threw balls like immature seeds no pollen at all. Was a bummer for sure as he wanted the pollen from the dark plasma plant lol.

After breeding “regular seeds " for 20 years with your average female to male ratio of about 6 to 7 females out of every ten plants with your occasional rare hermophidites, I started breeding to " feminized” seeds to get outside genetics, then wham all of a sudden I started getting alot of males and hermophidites. More than the females.

I seem to have to backcross or cross them again with a stable regular seed strain like Skunk#1 twice to get the junk out.

Just a Gurillas two cents!