Regular Seeds are they more productive than Fem'd Seeds?

Read a post stating that Regular seeds are move vigorous,healthy and more productive than Fem’d seeds?
Is this true?

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Yes this is true. Every regular female seed will most generally put produce a feminized seed. Also, the genetics are more stable, aren’t prone to herm.
Willing to bet any growers that have grown the two, will most always say reg seed is better.

Reg seeds for the win!! Way better them fem seeds


am rethinking my seed selections. did not know fem’d seeds were less productive.

just hate putting time n effort n expense into a batch of seeds and have 40 to 80% turn out to be male.


That number is either 50:50 or as higher as 60:40 female being still higher.
That’s been my experience so far with reg seeds. You’d want fewer males anyways in nature, one male can pollinate a lot of females, so you don’t need as many. @tanlover442


What are assertions made about vigor, or lack thereof, based on? Unless you’re doing large scale (1000+ plants) blind trials using clones and highly controlled environments, outliers and observer biases are likely skew results.

For example, if you base male to female ratio projections off of your experience from a single bag of seeds, or even a handful of packs, there’s too much noise to draw sound conclusions; in small samples any ratio of male to females is possible.

I’m of an open mind to regular seeds having an advantage in terms of vigor over feminized seed, but I haven’t noticed that even anecdotally. I’d want to see a biological explanation backed up by trials.

I don’t think we can draw conclusions about a genotype’s tendency to show hermaphroditism based solely on their feminized pollen donor. If a breeder works to exclude hermaphroditic traits, and then stress-tests their seeds, a feminized seed should perform as reliably as a regular seed in this respect. If there is a tendency for feminized seeds to produce hermaphroditic plants, it’s possible that the feminized seed market is rife with unscrupulous seedmakers. It’s also just a fact that many of the most popular genetic lines are prone to hermaphroditism, whether the seeds where feminized or not.

I prefer regular seeds myself, but that’s because I want to be able to make seeds without the hassle of applying PGRs. I have no problem using feminized seeds as a tool, and I’ve had extremely vigorous plants come out of them.


Autos are a step down from fem which itself is a step down from regular