Regular LED shop lights

I have 4-4 foot LED shop lights. They claim 9600 Lumens Super Bright 80W 5000K Daylight LED each. Can these be used for a 2 X 4 foot grow area? bulbeats LED Utility Shop Light 4ft 9600 Lumens Super Bright 80W 5000K Daylight LED Garage Lights Fixture Durable LED Fixture with Pull Chain and Suspension Mounting Included Non-Linkable (4 Pack) - -

They are fine for veg stage. You’ll need a proper cannabis light (with red spectrum) to flower your plants.


I tend to try to do things the hard/cheap way! When I got to the flowering stage, I was contemplating putting red and blue (one each, two lights total) gel? I try to understand light levels. Using a Lux meter, at about 50 - 60cm below the lights, I register 24 - 26 (x100).

That’s not very high. Did you buy the 4 pack, how many are you using to get 2600 lux? I would ditch the diffusers if you haven’t already, probably add another light or two if you can. Then check again.

Using all four lights. 26,000 not 2600 lux. Each light can be on or off as needed. I have learned to keep the lights 50-60 cm from the tops! Plants grow well, just thinking of adding the red/blue gel over one light (each color) during flowering?