Registered or Unregistered


I would appreciate that. The 2 orders not received are 179378 & 187576. I
completely checked out everywhere on site on shipping and it states
gauranteed delivery if you choose registered or unregistered I chose
unregistered and that is apparently why I didn’t get a replacement. I am
sorry but in my world gaurantee means gaurantee. If there are conditions it
should state that all over the shipping conditions. Its really simple
*conditions apply!!!


I understand your frustration but did you see this on the shipping FAQ?

For other countries: we will guarantee delivery of your order! So, if you live in for example the USA, Canada, UK or Europe, delivery of your package is guaranteed by us.

Only for Australia we cannot guarantee delivery. Orders usually arrive, but your custom officers are very strict.


Only problem is I got all the emails from ILGM. I clicked and approved everything, then 20 minutes later i got a text from my CC asking me to confirm if the charge was mine but they had already declined it. So I think ILGM has to resubmit the order to my CC. Man I hope those BB auto’s do not sell out lol

Do you recognize this charge?


  • Your card remains active.
  • If a purchase was declined, you will not be charged unless you try again.


  • We'll block your card and call you.
  • If you need to speak with us, call the number on the back of your card



No problem. I’m doing it right now. Please let me know what you hear ok




I just sent off your request…now less keep our finger crossed ok
Let me know what you hear ok

your friend
Will joint


I’ve been that route in the past when using a CC for out of Country purchases. You shouldn’t have to reorder. All ILGM has to do is resubmit the CC charge.
Now I just always call my CC company and inform them that I’m ordering something from out of the Country before making the order and it always goes thru. Received my order 13 business days from the e-mail notifying me they had been shipped.
Had mine sent unregistered.


Thanks Will very much appreciated.



Your very welcome sir



Does one get access to more emoji’s with time? I see your puff/pass emoji and others have used that but where does it come from? Thx


Thanks @Rugar89

My goal is to not miss out on that awesome sale but it appears maybe not much happens on weekends?? I have 12 hours of driving today to go pick up my father in law and bring him here for two weeks. I am not going to be able to continue this neurotic checking of my order status. It still says “pending” right now at 4:58am lol

Oh yeah and that email I sent ya, disregard LMAO


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You should be all set being the weekend they will most likely resubmit the payment in Monday.