Registered or Unregistered


I want to take the leap and grab some BB Auto’s while they are on sale. First order from ILGM, what is the consensus on the best method of shipping? What’s to be gained by “registered” vs “unregistered?” Thanks VM


registered you can track your package unregistered you just wait till it gets there


same guarantee of receipt as with registered though, right?


Yep guarantee I believe. I have never had a issue once my bank sent me a email aski g if it was my purchase I clicked yes and in under 2 weeks they were at my door . But every time ( 5 in under a year ) I have had no problem with regular mail


Thanks very much!!!


I went unregistered beans came 8 days later


I vote unregistered my self I’ve made a few orders and sent cash no issues I wouldn’t pay extra if it was me three weeks like @Oldstoner one extra for them to receive cash payment 10 working days from them getting cash beans in my hand


Thanks Gang. I did it, 20 BB Autos for $84.50 and 5 GL for $39.50 with a six dollar discount equals $4.72/bean. Thank you @RobertBergman


Nice glad you pulled the trigger bro
So reg or I’m reg ?


Unregistered. I would never pay that much unless I needed to to gar stealth and receipt.

Add these to the Crystal Meth, Green Crack and Dark Devils I received last week and I am good for a few two plant grows!!! Ahh peace of mind.

@Countryboyjvd1971 I also got my shaker like yours today!!! Now I have a purpose for trim!!!


Nice :+1: I don’t pay for that either not worth it imo
I shake for about 3-4 minutes and empty to collection cup and then shake again it will start getting dark and leafy the more you shake
Also put trim in freezer for 15-20 prior
I fill my separator and place directly into freezer
Wrap it a towel when I take it out and shake
I also place a few sterilized quarters in it for some wieght


Nice I am co-opting that method right now!!! Thanks John.


Got this playing and having a cold one…long week!


I went unregistered didn’t receive mine was refused resend was offered 20% of my next order. And every post I now put up is removed. Scammers!!!


So it seems my CC declined the charge. Same card I’ve used without a hitch several times. I notified them it was my purchase and the charge is okayed now.

I sent a contact to ILGM but have not heard back yet.

I assume I will have to reorder or will they run the same order through a second time? Thx.



Everyone here at ILGM is as honest as they come. They are not scammers as you say.
If you choose your words wisely you most likely wouldn’t get deleted. here is a link to customer service. If you talk to them niccely it go’s a long way.
I’m very sorry your having trouble getting your order but some times things don’t go as planned. I mean they get thousands of requests a month so please take that into consideration ok P.S you can mntion my name if you think it will help

Here is the link to getting your order replaced.

please conduct all further communication through the reply email they will send you. Besdt way for all to keep up. :slight_smile:
Peace, lw - ILGM Admin

Will joint


After 23 emails to them Showing where they state they will gaurantee to
replace if you dont receive your order and am offered 20% discount off my
next order that is not replacement. I have received one order out of 3 and
they have now cost me $76 AUD per seed. I am a very reasonable person, I
wonder how reasonable you would be put in the same situation as me.


I would be very upset as well, who wouldn’t be, but at the same time it’s better to keep our cool.
If you want to…I will do what i can to help you out. give me your last order number and i myself will get a hold of a close friend and see what i can’t do to help you out…fair enough?



I’ve done both shipping methods and both came in the same amount of time. I always go unregistered now to save the money.


I suspect with registered you would have to sign for the delivery which never works good for me, I end up chasing my package around three cities.


That happened to me on my first order (and just today with my order of nutrients) as long as you replied to the email they sent or used the link that was in the email and you contacted your CC company and gave the ok on the purchase you should be good to go. I listed the order number in my reply email to ILGM.
The reason it could have been declined this time is because there are 3 possble places the charge could come from (USA, Europe and China) so depending on which one was charged it might be overseas and a lot of credit cards require you to authorize overseas purchase.