Regeneration of cannabis after 1st harvest

Has anyone else tried regenerating a cannabis plant after harvesting? I am currently regenerating 3 different strains; Big Bud, Chocolope, and Amnesia Haze. Each of these plants had a few odd characteristics for the first few weeks like round leaves and vines that are growing out of where some very small buds used to be. Would love to hear from other growers on how long they kept them in the veg stage and if the harvest was more or less potent. I am attaching a few pics. Thanks.

Im curious too

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@Sher short answer is yes,
Longer answer is it takes a long time with less than fantastic results.

@Covertgrower is spot on. It’s much easier, and quicker to take clones than try to reveg.
I tried it once, and it took forevvvvvvvvvver.


I also did it with not the best results for time spent

My girl was scalped 20 Jan, this is my regeneration project. This is her at 5 weeks into bloom. The regen produced an odd bunch of leaves and branches that didn’t resemble her natural state, but as she flourished the good emerged.

I have a question to ask. After the harvest, seeds formed around the harvest sites. As the plant flourished not a single male sign presented at bloom. Is this normal?

I’ll keep ya posted on the goods once I harvest.

I did that once a long time ago and ended up with seedy weedy but it still smoked. I never tried again but I was just learning and might have missed something like nanners to cause the seeds

I done it a few times to save the genetics of a special plant, takes a few weeks for the plant to go back into veg under a 24 hour light and start growing again. Need to weed out a lot of the smaller branches as it grows, it’s like FIMMING every top/bud so you can get too many branches. I vegged them for about 8-10 weeks to get to good size and flowered them again.

This plant was revegged, kept as mother that gave hundreds of clones, then flowered again and recently harvested, she is as good as last flowering (and her clones), no better, no worse, as it is still the same plant. Got a great yield as well.


She is gorgeous! I have been tossing the idea of keeping ole girl as a mother too. I enjoy the challenge in growing.


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Thinking about 10 more days!

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I had a friend that was able to keep one going through 4 re-veges but during the what would have been the 5 cycle it had gotten too big to transplant and became rootbound and didn’t recover.