Regenerated Auto showing rust spots on leaves

So I have 2 Sour Diesal Autos from Seed Supreme and I snapped one whilst trying to do LST (I did it after a feeding and am a newbie so didn’t know how stiff the stem would be). About 1.5 weeks ago.

Anyway it still had one original leaf and so I thought I’d leave it to see what happened and it sprouted a new stem and new leaves and is growing quite quickly. The problem is there are some orange/rust spots forming which looks to be calcium deficiency.

I am a complete beginner so I could be way off but my setup right now is that they are not in a tent (I don’t have one yet) under a Viparspectra 450 light which is at R - 80% White - 100% and Blue - 100%. Which is 18" away from the canopy.

I have 2 oscillating fans to move the air around and a knee-height humidifier as we are in NY and its humid now, which fluctuates the humidity between 60-70.

I used the Supreme Soil from A Pot for Pot’s kit in 5g cloth pots, the soil is hot so I’m not sure if the new stem will be deficient in nutrients but maybe because of the LED its having cal/mag issues? The other plant is also LST’d and is doing great with no signs of deficiency.

The healthy plant is in pre-flower so the last feeding for the first time, I gave them 1/3 of cal/mag and 1/4 Tiger Bloom from Fox Farms, I started small because I’m cautious about killing the living nutrients in the hot soil with synthetic nutes but that’s all I have for now. The water pH was lower than I wanted at 6.2 but still manageable, just not in the calcium range as I’ve read that’s 6.5 and up.

I don’t want to over-do it with the synthetic nutes so I’ll do a plain feeding with 6.5 pH water next so that the regen plant can take up some calcium and magnesium and then I’m open to suggestions about what you think the issue is or what the feeding after next should include.

The lights are on an 18/6 schedule right now but I’m thinking of setting the colour spectrums at 100% and switching to a 24hr schedule now that the healthy plant is in pre-flower to promote bud growth, again open to suggestions about that.

Even if you tell me the regenerated plant won’t yield anything I thought I’d try as I am learning as I grow!

Thanks for any advice.

Also, because its an auto and these are supposed to be an 80-day life span, (I think it’ll be like 100 with the healthy plant) I don’t know what that means for the plant that snapped, does it reset its clock or will it still have the same life-span?

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Sorry everyone I saw your tags in other posts and I’m new to this forum so I don’t know if I did something wrong that meant no one commented on this post yesterday

Any help appreciated

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A few growers have revived an auto after harvest, but I don’t remember the results.
Looks like a calcium deficiency, if you have cal-mag to feed and add to your nutrient schedule you’ll be set.
Verify runoff ph, to make sure the ph is in range of absorbing calcium.
This looks like Coco?


Thank you for the reply! That was my assumption but I didn’t want to assume in this scenario, it’s soil but maybe the “superb soil” mix from A Pot for Pot has some Coco mixed in? I’ve never grown in Coco so I’m not too sure…

I can’t find regenerated stories anywhere for autos so I’m curious what that does to its autoflowering schedule when it has to start over essentially but if we don’t know, I’ll find out and report back!

Judging the new growth she looks to be on track now in my opinion. I’m not so convinced here with it being a calcium deficiency with spotting coming in on the oldest growth. Usually a calcium deficiency would show near the tops. I would definitely verify your runoff ph is in proper range(6.3 to 6.8)


They are due for another feeding in the next 2 days, I have already pH’d the water at 6.8 with no added nutrients so I can run that through and test where the pH sits for the runoff and report back on that

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ImSICKkid brings up a good point. When you chopped the plant, did you leave any remaining leaves?
Or is all of that newer growth?


If it’s the pot for pot kit I wouldn’t feed nutrients until your ppm suggests you need it. I also wouldn’t give to much water to where your gonna strip the soil or nutrients either. @MattyBear ran that kit so he’s a good guy to ask anything to about it.


There was literally one left which was a ruderalis type leaf, see the picture below but I thought if it was going to survive it would at least need to use that leaf to start regeneration

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Incidentally this is the leaf that now has the discolouration

Good to know! @MattyBear any of your experience will be appreciated.

I didn’t add any nutes until the last feeding as the healthy plant is showing signs of pre flower and I want to promote some bigger buds hence the addition of 1/3 cal/mag and 1/4 tiger bloom from Fox Farms.

I know synthetic nutes are bad for hot soil which is why I wanted to wait until now to boost the buds only. I don’t have any other nutes for now but can get some for my next grow.

If you think I shouldn’t add anything I’m open, this is my first grow ever so I have an open mind.

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Your plant is absolutely fine. Now that I see the big picture it all makes sense. The leaf just got nutrients sucked from it to fuel the new growth. Keep doing what your doing and everything should be fine


Thank you! That’s awesome and in my limited research I was hoping that might be the case. I’ll be sure to update you guys on the regenerated plant as it grows, might have to rename it as Deadpool or Wolverine…

For future reference on this forum, do I need to tag you guys in my new posts for people to see them? This was my first post so still learning how to get the most out of this forum’s services.

Thanks everyone who pitched in, I can only learn from those who have learned before me.

@MattyBear sorry to spam you but my only question remains about the nutes in the pot for a pot superb soil, when you get the chance I would appreciate your input about maximising my yield at this point of preflowering

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I only ran the pot for pot kit one time. I didn’t add any nutrients because I was doing a test grow for them and wanted to see how the kit worked following their instructions. I wouldn’t add anything to the soil unless your plant is telling you it needs something extra.


Fair enough, the potential calcium deficiency scared my a little I think but I just wanted to see if I could boost the buds mainly with Tiger Bloom.

Thanks for pitching in, sounds like I should just leave the soil to do its job unless you can recommend anything better for the bud development that wouldn’t kill the soil?

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I would stick with organic supplements if possible. I’m a coco guy and like full control over what my plants get for nutrients. That’s why I only ran their system one time. :wink:


My friend has just started a Coco grow and I have been watching intensely!

I love the idea of knowing exactly what goes in and comes out in case any signs of deficiency show up but I travel for business sometimes so it would be hard to commit to feeding every day.

Will look for some organic nutes, thank you again!

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Basically you topped the girl big time. That forced her to grow new stems. I think it was done early enough that she will do just fine.

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