Regarding Fox Farm Happy Frog and transplanting

So I am going to start my grow with FFHF and was going to transplant 2x, from cup to 3gal to 7gal. I’ve read that you don’t need nutes until about a month when using FFHF. Do I use FFHF in the 3gal and 7gal when transplanting, or just initially and then use my liquid nutes after a month? Ex: start with FFHF and transplant in a month to 3gal with FFHF, Does the month wait for nutes restart? And then again after the transplant to the 7gal?

I don’t want to burn the ladies.

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I wouldn’t use fertigation at all. I’d use progressively hotter soils in layers from center outward. I’d start with blending happy frog and ocean forest, ocean forest being the hotter soil. Organic amendments would consist of blood meal, rock phosphate, bone meal, potash, green sand, worm castings, and maybe gypsum if the ocean forest seems to be leaning acidic. There are lots of “super soil” recipes online, SubCool’s being to most famous.

This is my first grow, but i used happy frog. I transplanted 3 weeks after sprout. When i transplanted i fed them 1/4 strength fox farm big bloom. I continued with nutrients since then.

Did u transplant into Happy Frog?

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Thanks! I will look that up

My first ever grow was in HF and OF with HF in the top half and OF the bottom half. I wouldn’t worry about a time frame to start feeding them. The soil has lots of nutes in it. I would simply test the Runoff as you go along and feed accordingly.


Yes, I transplanted into happy frog. I would add some perlite.