Refrigerator & First Time Grow

@James68 Yes it is bud.


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Gave her 100% Head Formula (Lucas for Coco)

Will run feeding at this level for next 2-3 weeks.



@elheffe702 @Covertgrower @MattyBear @dbrn32

Is this Calcium Deficiency?

Looks to me the beginnings of potassium deficiency. @KingCrimson I’ll see what the others say as well.

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Looks like nutrient splash or some sort of rust fungus…

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Not normally what I feel calcium deficiency looks like. Stuff posted above seems more likely


@Covertgrower there isn’t much yellow or browning on the tips

@MattyBear @dbrn32 rust fungus says it shows when night temps are low and humidity is high. But I think my numbers have been good, minus a couple outliers.

Here’s the past month data

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image image

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That looks more like phosphorus deficiency to me in those pictures.


Ya, still doesn’t look like calcium. And despite not spending a lot of time out of range, you have some pretty big swings in temp and rh.


What do you think it is then?

Thank you @mattybear

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Just like @MattyBear said

Thank you @dbrn32

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@KingCrimson, I hope that you don’t mind but, I am going to tag along for the ride. I am set to watching. Like the frigidator idea :+1::+1::+1::+1: