Refrigerator & First Time Grow


I just ran out of likes, but I’ll be watching, and have a look here:


Thank you for the affirmation. @James68.

Will do @elheffe702


@KingCrimson Hey King neat setup, great band. welcome to the forums am a newbe so i won’t offer anything but a good luck on your grow! i am rooting for ya.


Your refrigerator set up is cool ! I use the trio and follow this nutrient schedule


No nutes needed yet, don’t keep it sopping wet either. You can pretty much give a mist or two with spray bottle if you notice drying out. If you don’t have one, fabbing a small dome over it would help right now too.


Looks fantastic mate, will be following along. Best of luck!


Thanks everyone!

@monkman I agree!!!

@dbrn32 thank you. Did I calculate my light/sq ft correctly? And do you have any thoughts on coco and nutes? Particularly the schedule I put up. Also I believe some people add epsom salt. My thoughts were to start at 1/2 the nutes recommended at 3-5th node, top when at 6th, then full recommended nutes from then on. Recommended being that schedule above. Not what the mfg suggests.


Appears you did math correctly, and should be a reasonable setup.

I’ve never used the gh, but from following along it seems a lot of growers have luck using lucas formula with the micro and bloom.


Your going to have to keep a weather eye out for mold in the refrigerator.

Have a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide handy and dilute with water for the knockout effect.
The % depends on where you live in this planet, here in the UK its 6% but I believe in America its 3%…I use a spray mister / spritzer with water diluted with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide …its a bummer if you get any in your eyes by the way ! BEWARE !!!


Awsome, I also converted a fridge for a grow box. I use it for my clones and small plants to start. I removed to fan from under fridge and mouted it up on side of fridge for exhaust.

I use the bottom(freezer part) for storage of nutes and such. Works great.


@dbrn32 what would you do to improve the set up? Get a different light? Move to a tent?

@James68 I’m hoping I have enough air flow with the 2 6” fans, and 2 smaller ones. But I will definitely keep my eye out.

@Liljoe nice fridge. I found mine because a neighbor threw it out. After I cleaned it up, it got me wanting a mini fridge for seedlings.


I probably wouldn’t change anything until you get a grow or two on it to see how it does. I would’ve went different route with light, but one you have should work.


@dbrn32 I’d love to know what you would have done light wise. I was most weary about picking the light to begin with.


@Gardenguy is this schedule for coco autos or coco photo. I’ve seen 2 different schedules like this for coco. In fact, we might have gotten our charts from the same source.


I used it with photos and autos in Coco and in dwc


Very clever @Liljoe and @KingCrimson ! And welcome kingcrimson I would like to follow your journey. Appears you did a lot of research in preparation. I bet you do great. From what I’ve noticed, the new growers that do their research tend to do a lot better than those that pop the seed and then say, what do I do now. This forum is great and there are a lot of knowledgeable growers. I hope you like it here, I do :v::green_heart:


I would’ve built my own for sure.


21st century schizoid man great name lol



@Gardenguy do you do flushes in between feedings, or feed every water?

@greenjewels thank you for the kind words. So far this place has been great! I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from everyone.

@dbrn32 one day I hope to get there.

@Smokinnuggs @James68 hell yea boys!!!