Refrigerator & First Time Grow

Hello Fellow Grower,

I am writing this journal in hopes of learning from this community. I am a novice, and this is my first grow. Tips are much appreciated!

Strain: Amnesia (Auto)
Medium: Coco Coir w/Perlite
Nutes: GH Trio & CaliMagic
Water: Distilled Store Brand

1 King Plus 1000w LED (model: GW-AQM55B) w/adjustable ratchet set
185w (actual output) / 4.47 sq. ft. (23” x 28”)
= 41.38w/sq. ft.
Is that right?
Should I get a different light?

4 Ecosmart 40w CFL Daylight & Soft White
2 iPower 6” fans w/fan speed controllers (Exhaust w/carbon filter & Intake)
1 6” clip fan
1 11” Honeywell 3-speed fan
1 Baby humidifier
1 Heating pad
1 5-gallon bucket

Environment: Refrigerator (that’s right, see below) 23” x 28” inside dimensions

pH Level: 5.5-6.5
Watering Schedule: Feed, flush, Feed, flush

Any thoughts on the watering schedule?
Perhaps I need to add or subtract from the recipe?

I have decided to grow in a fridge because it suits my need for stealth. Plus I figure the insulation will help keep the plants warm since it will be stored in the garage.

In the “Greenhouse” is the seed nestled in a Rapid Rooter cube. Sitting on a heating mat, under 2 CFL Daylight bulbs

The following are results after 72hrs.

7 AM Woke up to the taproot nice and big

4 PM Came home to it crowning

Currently I have only been giving her Distilled water, no nutes. Why distilled and not tap? Distilled comes at 7 pH, once it meets carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it drops to 5.8ish. My tap is nowhere near that. So I’d rather start in a safe zone, and this lady is worth the $1/gallon.

Should I be giving her nutes this early in her life?

Thank you for looking at my journal, and I wish you a great grow.

Updating soon…


Great setup !
this will answer your nute question


I just ran out of likes, but I’ll be watching, and have a look here:


Thank you for the affirmation. @James68.

Will do @elheffe702

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@KingCrimson Hey King neat setup, great band. welcome to the forums am a newbe so i won’t offer anything but a good luck on your grow! i am rooting for ya.

Your refrigerator set up is cool ! I use the trio and follow this nutrient schedule

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No nutes needed yet, don’t keep it sopping wet either. You can pretty much give a mist or two with spray bottle if you notice drying out. If you don’t have one, fabbing a small dome over it would help right now too.

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Looks fantastic mate, will be following along. Best of luck!

Thanks everyone!

@monkman I agree!!!

@dbrn32 thank you. Did I calculate my light/sq ft correctly? And do you have any thoughts on coco and nutes? Particularly the schedule I put up. Also I believe some people add epsom salt. My thoughts were to start at 1/2 the nutes recommended at 3-5th node, top when at 6th, then full recommended nutes from then on. Recommended being that schedule above. Not what the mfg suggests.

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Appears you did math correctly, and should be a reasonable setup.

I’ve never used the gh, but from following along it seems a lot of growers have luck using lucas formula with the micro and bloom.

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Your going to have to keep a weather eye out for mold in the refrigerator.

Have a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide handy and dilute with water for the knockout effect.
The % depends on where you live in this planet, here in the UK its 6% but I believe in America its 3%…I use a spray mister / spritzer with water diluted with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide …its a bummer if you get any in your eyes by the way ! BEWARE !!!

Awsome, I also converted a fridge for a grow box. I use it for my clones and small plants to start. I removed to fan from under fridge and mouted it up on side of fridge for exhaust.

I use the bottom(freezer part) for storage of nutes and such. Works great.


@dbrn32 what would you do to improve the set up? Get a different light? Move to a tent?

@James68 I’m hoping I have enough air flow with the 2 6” fans, and 2 smaller ones. But I will definitely keep my eye out.

@Liljoe nice fridge. I found mine because a neighbor threw it out. After I cleaned it up, it got me wanting a mini fridge for seedlings.

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I probably wouldn’t change anything until you get a grow or two on it to see how it does. I would’ve went different route with light, but one you have should work.

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@dbrn32 I’d love to know what you would have done light wise. I was most weary about picking the light to begin with.

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@Gardenguy is this schedule for coco autos or coco photo. I’ve seen 2 different schedules like this for coco. In fact, we might have gotten our charts from the same source.

I used it with photos and autos in Coco and in dwc

Very clever @Liljoe and @KingCrimson ! And welcome kingcrimson I would like to follow your journey. Appears you did a lot of research in preparation. I bet you do great. From what I’ve noticed, the new growers that do their research tend to do a lot better than those that pop the seed and then say, what do I do now. This forum is great and there are a lot of knowledgeable growers. I hope you like it here, I do :v::green_heart:


I would’ve built my own for sure.

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21st century schizoid man great name lol