Reflective mylar roll

This may be a silly question but is there a correct side to use with mylar? It seems that one side is like a mirror and the other side more like glass. Kinda like foil. I heard if no other choice with foil to use the glass looking side and not the mirror like side. Any help would be appreciated!

Mylar can be used either directions whichever side you prefer.

I use the mirror side but that’s only because I …don’t know why.


Thanks for the heads up.

Where did you get the mylar and how are you setting it up? I just started a topic on reflection.
No one seems to talk about in the forums and I was wondering if it is worth it? :upside_down_face:

Ever hear of amazon

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Yeah I got mine from Amazon. I remember that they had several different rolls and sheets of it. I agree to having a little fact class about it. I just took a best guess when I got mine. It does seem to help me with it up.

I’ve used this reasoning method many times :joy:


Same here. I just thought that the mirror side would reflect more. I also read that only if necessary if u use foil to use the non mirror side. Thanks