Reflective mylar has airgaps between cloth

My 18 micron mylar has airgaps between cloth ’ is there risk of burning mylar and eventually burning the tent?

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Explain a bit more so we can understand what u mean. Like is it a thin plastic mylar with a curtain hanging behind? A pic would be of alot of help also to show what u mean maybe. Reflective mylar should be safe to run in a room lights should not get that hot as to cause a fire the mylar should not be close enough to the panels from get hot enough to bust into flame.

Well here’s what I found out about Mylar…
Mylar is a plastic film made by DuPont that has multiple uses. … Most of the time fire is not a concern with Mylar , since it seldom has contact with flames, but it can burn and its fumes are toxic.

So keep it away from your lights and you’ll be fine.

How hot is your tent?