Reflective insulation and a stapler

2 spider farmer sf2000 lights.bruce banners!




Looking good, they’ll start receding back into the buds soon along with Trichome production :love_you_gesture:

Lol,I get now!
Mine would be reflective insulation and a roll of gorilla :gorilla: tape.
Your ladies are looking happy with your work.

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Great minds or redneck minds​:joy:. I grow in a garage closet with reflective insulation, but I used the metal tape at the seams :love_you_gesture:

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Same area here, my shop,lol.
And y I’m down for another 4-6 weeks☹️

The shop or the grow? I tossed 6 autos in the yard last week to start over after fighting thrips and damn they are growing like crazy. I don’t have the heart to trash em and Didn’t won’t to risk another grow getting them. So yep been down myself for the closet grow, got 5 beans that broke ground a few days ago :love_you_gesture:

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Shop is 90 to nothing every day. Grow not so. To damn hot.
6 beans dropped last week.
Built my woman a seedling light for her veg garden a couple of months ago and thought, hmm, Ima start some beans under it while it’s not in use😎

That’s cool, I help the wife out with soils and she don’t give me any :poop: for hiding a few plants in her garden. You growing autos or photos. I do both but on an auto kick right now.

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its lathe and plaster underneath but so far its workin fine

Only ever photos, the auto thing is new and entriging to me.

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It’ll be just fine. Hold temps well too.

im doing photos in and out


Merrrry Christmas :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

Just went out to ck things. Things being I just got my lights wired up today and been running them for about 10hrs now to make sure all is good. My shop is 90 and the room is 84???
Now I heard led is efficient but damn?!?!

Thanks @dbrn32

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@StonedCold13 nailed it :evergreen_tree:

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7 feet or so

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its over 7 ft!

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my bill went up 60 bucks between the air conditioner and the dehumidifier running 24 7

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