Red's grow page


Red getting bent earlier

She was topped last week and now she has been lst’d some more.
And so begins the bending of Red


Looking good. Cant wait to watch her grow…


My bender this afternoon.


@Givemefire great lst. Things are looking great my friend. Leaves all look great. And the new growth looks to be coming on strong. Is that wire your using to tie down with. If so id suggest using a rubber coated wire. But all looks well


@number1fan The wire is only there until she grows more and I move wire.


@Soilgrowth looking great. Can’t wait till she gets bigger so there’s more to play with.


Yes. I love this shit… excuse my French.


We we it looks great Red


Felt a little, well…Kinky, bondage time out came the wire and a little trim

I am going to basically Scrog on the dirt until the whole bed is covered and let grow up for for another 3 weeks, veg 7 weeks, then Scrog in 12/12.

Who’s this little girl in this huge bed. Say hello to blue dream. She’s gonna cook for a while
Next run of auto’s
I cut my ak49 early cause I don’t know what I like as in couch lock. I only smoked what ever the dude has, so I don’t know what I like.
Also Hindu Kush didn’t like the heat and that damn bottle.


Can’t wait to add into the mix


Can someone tell me if i lst my plants and get the terpins happening myself from low stress will that suffice


Are you asking, can you get good trichs/terps without something like terpinator?

Because if that’s the question, the answer is, yess! You don’t NEED something like terpinator, it’s just a nice additive people use for flower.


@number1fan these were grown with terpinator and covered. I just want more


@ktreez420 thats exactly what i meen thanks. Im not great at writing what i want to say. Im to big a stoner lol.
I read an article from burgman that explains about terpins a little. And how theres not to much known about them. Then it explains a few ways to get the terpins happening by different low stresses.
My last grow was great my wwautos. But the pot didnt smell like i know it should. But i had crystal frostveverywhere.
Im thinking it was my drying process but have been told that tetpins may have also contributed. Ive only grown basic so far.
Grow nutes n flower nutes. So ill try a few things this grow like pot ash and i may look into this tetpinator.
Thanks mate. Can u send me a pic plz of back of bottle. Id like a close look at the lables


This is the only label


Ok mate thanks. Thats all the info i need there. Ive done a bit more research on it and im gunna give it a wirl. Thanks fellas


No prob. Just used last night and they seem to look different to me. Don’t know if it’s wishful thinking


Red got pinned some more tonight.
Edit. I see the bottom needs to be shifted up more. Grrr!!! Tomorrow I’ll fix

3 of the auto’s are above ground and the Hindu will be up tomorrow. Post pics tomorrow, too lazy to go take them


Here’s the 4 standing tall with red’s top.

And red got positioned better

Ha. Look at last nights above and this. Poof leaves


Oh boy. New goodies