Redneck First time indoor grow

This is my first indoor grow, I’ve grown lots of plants outside on ditch banks corn fields. Never worried about light water or fertilizer just a few hand fulls of chicken sh*t and off they go. I’ve got some purple haze beans about to pop and a extra bedroom that I’m going to grow in. I’m gonna use fox farm soil. CFL lights to begin with, I don’t want to dump a lot of money into a winter grow just a little experiment to kill time until spring. Will the cfl light be enough to carry it through flowering? I have a 40 watt for the seeding and 2 600 watt cfl after they start growing. Any advice is welcome

Do you have pictures of the bigger lights? I’ve never seen a 600 watt cfl


My mistake it’s 200 watt cfl equivalent to a 600 watt fluorescent bulb

CFL is fluorescent, so I’m not really sure how it could be 3x the output of fluorescent. T5 has greatest efficacy of all of them at around 90 or so lumens per watt

Either way, a 200 watt CFL is good to veg about a 2x2 space. Two of them would probably do pretty good flowering flowering 4-6 square feet assuming good reflectors and reflective walls.

Hey @Packerpower, welcome to ILGM. You’re in good hands. @dbrn32 is the goto guy for lighting around here. :v:

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I’m kinda in the same boat. I have grown plenty of weed outdoors. Too many crumb snatchers around now a days. Getting tired of loosing over half my crop. Gonna give this indoor thing a whirl. I have dabbled in it in the past but, it seems to have come a long ways since then. The days of fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs, in a closet have gone. This is my first attempt, with a grow tent. I have always been a pretty successful guerilla grower in years gone by. My friends that know me well used to Call me Gary reefer seed. I too am trying to not spend a lot of $$$$ up front until I see how this works. Do you think this will work? So far this is what I have coming in a few days. 3000W COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Growth Lamp, with Cooling Fan, 60" x 60" x 80" Grow Tent Kit 8" inline Fan Carbon Filter Air Ducting Kit,Full Spectrum 4000W Grow Light Veg Flower Indoor, 3000W Timing LED Grow Light Lamp Full Spectrum Indoor. I have plenty of feminized seeds on hand. I am waiting for this order to arrive Marijuana Grow Kit - Gold Leaf but there has been a delay in shipping, I ordered it 10/1/19 and it has not shipped yet. I am going to try a test run first, before trying Robert’s finest. Gonna try some auto-flower and see how it goes. From what I have been able to research, this seems to be the best choice. I am not used to being able to ask anyone about my techniques and I am still a little sketchy about doing so but, I have been reading and paying attention to this forum for a while now and will let my guard down and hope for the best. I am a firm believer in loose lips sink ships and have followed this most of my life, that is probably what has kept me trouble free. That being said, I would like the thoughts/suggestions of anyone here. There seems to be a lot of knowledge here. Thanks.


My intent with the set-up that I mentioned is to use 10 gallon cloth pots. I yall’s opinion 4 or 6 pots?

Sorry, I misread. In a 5 x 5, assuming you’re lighting fully, corner to corner, I’d go for 4 monsters, spread them out, maybe even 4 individual scrogs.