Rediscovering the Joy of the Joint!

Before I grew my own I would never think of rolling joints because it is too expensive and I always thought it was too wasteful.

Now that I’m well stocked up I am rediscovering just how good a joint tastes.
Holy Cow! I had forgot just how good! :relaxed:
Here’s a bud of my last grow.
White Widow Auto from ILGM


I know the feeling all too well , here’s some cheese and super skunk grown from clone with fox farm nutrients ?


I hear you and the first thing I’m going to do is buy some Rolling Papers, haven’t had too many joints for the same reasons you stated in recent years …LOL

Chopped my first two autos down recently, I don’t have a scale but I know is least a quarter pound & I think maybe more ? :thumbsup: :smile:

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I used to smoke out of a small pipe … but the smoke kind of hurt my throat, so I went back to rolling joints. I roll a week’s worth at a time. It doesn’t hurt my throat as much cause I can take smaller puffs with the joint.


I used a small dug out one hitter and it’s perfect . I found a decent small size bowl choked me to bad , be that I’m not a smoker any more , but a soft smooth toker !!!

First thing I did when legal was to head to Colorado for a ‘trip’, stopped by the dispensary and shorty after was sitting on the hotel balcony rolling a good joint. Never got even halfway through it before I was couched for the night.
Got a hitter and that’s all I need for the most part
But once my grow is done I’m doing the same thing… rolling a big fat one and enjoying.

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I’m with you Flyer … go for it.