Reddish purple leaf stems

I have some reddish purplish Leaf stems is this the a phosphorous deficiency

It definitely could be.

Were they always reddish purple or did it just start? I have a plant that has always had purplish stems. Its genetics not a deficiency. However, if it just started it probably is a deficiency. Check your Ph. Keep it between 6.5 and 6.8 for best results. Do not add more nutes to try and make up for it. Once you get the Ph right, stick to your normal feedings. Dont want nute burn! Looks like some of the leaves are clawing too. Maybe too much nitro and not enough phosphorus.


What they said☝.

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Have you flipped to 12/12 lighting yet? She looks ready to go. Lots of white hairs!!!

Just started to turn color mostly on the top going down

Yeah about 2 weeks ago went to 12 and 12

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What nutes are you using

They look good over all! In my opinion it’s a ph thing.

Fox Farm I’ll raise the pH level hopefully that helps

If your pH is good the purple stems can indicate a cal mag deficiency. Which can frequently happen shortly after the 12/12 flip.

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I use 200 ppm cal max every watering

What’s your nighttime low temp?

71 for the low

You’ve never said what strain it was. If nothing else is wrong it could be genetics if it’s a colorful strain. Also it’s impossible for people to tell much when your lights are also purple. So normal lighting for future pics.

The Strain is white willow I’ll pull one out here in a little bit under normal light but it is purplish reddish as it looks right now in the picture I sent

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White widow? I do have them going right now and have a few red stems

So it would be normal what had me concerned is all through the grow it was good flipped to 12 and 12 reddish purple started on top going down

Id say its defienct

I use up down for the pH I get a greenish color which is about 6.5 went and bought a soil pH tester Inn at Reading 7.5 would anybody know how to fix this