Red striped stems and red leaf stems on top? HELP!


I have one soil plant


I’ve never really dealt with root bound transplant in a smart pot. I think Ragnar is right though. Better to hurt the pot than to hurt the roots.

Make sure soil is wet. Less chance of upsetting the rootball


I transplanted last nite into a 10 gallon. Hopefully she stretches her legs quick an i can flip the lights to 12/12next week


Oh yes, she will go ballistic…
Good luck !


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I got my other new 600w hps/mh kit today, yay!!!lol.
So thats 1200 watts all together, Transplanted to a 10 gallon tub so hopefully theyll give me close to the yield i want to get. Just switched them to 12/12. Another 2 weeks ill up date again. I think shes gonna be a monster in 10 weeks. Im hopeing thats all it is but well see. Lol


They look great @Banksmoney6485 Thats a happy tent for sure!


Definitely happy :yum: I’m glad your transplant went well. Keep at it! @Banksmoney6485


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The tops/new growth is yellowish, i think because i was giving them plain ph water with no nutes, thinking they were getting nutes from the soil. I gave them a feeding of about 750ppm a couple days ago. My question is, will them leafes that are yellow turn green again or are they gonna stay yellowish an the new growth will be normal green color?


Brand New growth is usually a slightly different color @Banksmoney6485.

Post a pic and a support ticket and let’s see what we can figure out.

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My new growth is usualy slightly more pale than the older ones.
If you get it early enough there color should come back into it, at least that’s what I’ve found.


I wouldn’t worry, just wait a few days and give cal mag if it persists


Thank you guys. Another problem i seem to have is a heat issue. I have 1200 watts of light and 1200 watts of heat, lol, with a ac running 3 feet away an still reach 90’s. I wallked in my room this morning an it was 93 in the closet. I rigged the ac so it blows the cool air into a fan an the fan blows into the closet but its still getting to hot so im gonna try to take them out of the closet an set them up in the middle of the room. So tonight after the dark period i gotta move them around an then sit in the room when it gets dark again an make sure theres no light leaks. Its seems like im changing things up everyday, i cant get my setup dialed in. Always adjusting lights or the fan or something. Lol. NOT GIVING UP THO!!! Lol also instead of running 2 hps lights im using 1 hps and 1 mh together to try an give them the full spectrum they need. I really dont know if that makes a difference tho. What would be better, 2 hps for flower or 1 hps an 1 mh?


For the first couple of weeks in flower the mh will keep the stretch down,and after that all hps,to build those buds!


Awesome. Thank you sir!!!


Do you by any chance have this full picture?


Double click on it.