Red striped stems and red leaf stems on top? HELP!


Seen it on so many non cannabis plants I think it’s only natural, if the plants showing other signs of illness or bad leaves or whatever then look into it, doubt red stem is a bad thing really.


Awesome guys. Thank you for the compliments, im really excited about this grow because i actually have good lights an equipment. Il keep everyone posted. Im def ordering seeds from ilgm. This site is great an you guys are really helpful.


I know just how you feel. Best of luck to you!


@Jmesser80, @bob31, @HCHGC, @McLovin777.
I just cant catch a break. I cant get my temps under controle because of my over heating ac. I raised my light up to 2-21/2 feet, fans blazin an my temps are still 81- 83. Also now my leafs are showing signs of nute deficiency or too much nitrogen. Dark leaves are turning lighter. Ive been giving them nothing but water because i thought my soil was too “hot” but i geuss not. I just watered them plain water last nite tho so now i have to wait 4 days an watch my girls suffer. This really sucks guys. Can i water them again with nutes or should i wait the 4 days?
Lights go back on in 4 hours an il post a pic. This is really stressing me out cause my goal is half a lb atleast but with this heat an now i have no clue if there starving or burning. I put my lights on at nite around 730 an there on all the way until 3pm the next day but the heat is killing me, i had to turn my hps off an just keep the cfls on until 3 today


Do you check your TDS when you feed them?
The pics will help for sure. They are getting big so I’m sure they are probably hungry if you have just been giving them water.
Im not sure about watering it again with nutes. Hopefully @bob31 @HCHGC @McLovin777 can weigh in on that.


Thank you sir. Yes i check with tds but havnt checked because iv been giving strait water. Last nite was 4th watering with no nutes. Im really hopeing there just hungry. Il go snap a pic quick. There still in veg so it wont hurt them


Im pretty sure there curling cause of the heat. My light is now 2-21/2 feet above the canopy. I just waterd them plain water for the 4th time because i figured my soil was too hot but i did a reading of soil an water mixed in a cup an it said 6.5. I thought i was over watering so i waited 4 days to water last nite an they still curl under. My soil was dry 2 to 3 inches down. Like dry dry. Organic mixed with miracle grow organic outdoor soil with n.p.k ratio of n0.09 p0.05 k0.07. Package says feeds up to 3 months an its been close to 3 months so i figured soil nutes have to be depleted by now. Im supplementing with home made co2 so what should my temps be? 75-77? Im gonna switch out ac’s an see how the heat issue gos. As for the other things. I have no clue. This is such a geussing game guys


You definitely need to bring the heat down to around 75. I would also start watering more often in order to keep the roots cool. The soil being bone dry in combo with the heat is likely your curling leaf issue. I personally wouldn’t start diagnosing nute problems until you can get the heat and water in check. You’ll likely cause yourself more problems. Most people I know only feed once a week anyways. Also, you mentioned your fans blazin. To much wind can harm your plant. I only say this because I’ve seen leaves literally turn upside down and fold in half just to hide from the strong breeze. I don’t think that’s the case but just be aware.
Lower heat and water more often is your best bet.


@Banksmoney6485 next time you water, check your TDS of the water you give and then the runoff. Otherwise you won’t know when to start giving nutrients!

Hope this helps brother!

Over watering and under watering drooping leaves very similar symptoms and sometimes being root bound looks similar.

What size are your pots?


Ok. An i have 2 female in one 7 gallon pot but the roots started growin thru the bottom so i filled another 7 gallon smart pot an put the other on top instead of replanting in fear of destroying tap root and ect…


Thank you guys


I have to say i feed my choc haze literally daily, 2L bottle with cal mag, grow and micro basically, even some other stuff just for fun and I give her a nice glug daily or sometimes skip a day (she looks great) so personally I’d just go with the flow man, I’ve not kept track of anything with anything for a long time and the only pain in the peenarse is the bloody root rot thanks to heat and my noise paranoia. Anyway… goid luck bro, trust your instincts and don’t freak out


@McLovin777, your frowin in dwc rite? Im in soil. An i just waterd last nite so now i gotta wait for them to dry out a lil b4 i give nute. I wish i could flush her with ph nutes rite now but im afraid of killin them


Just some update pics


Maybe it’s just the pics but your plants don’t actually seem distressed. Other than the one pic with the burnt edges they look fairly healthy.
I was under the impression that you were measuring your TDS? Anyways you may be reading way too much into this. Don’t worry though I understand completely. I can give people plant saving advice only to turn around and nearly destroy mine. When our product relies on how we handle and care for it we often times see things that aren’t there or exaggerate the seriousness of what is there. It’s because we’re too close to the situation to be 100% rational. Don’t stress it.

Also, you said your using 2 pots for 1 plant because the roots were growing through? @bob31 said being root bound can show those symptoms. If he’s right then I wouldn’t think it’s a coincidence.

Sorry for the lengthy posts. I had a lot to say but was traveling and couldn’t message :yum:


Thank you for the input. I jus want everything to be rite b4 i make the switch. Im just gonna wait ot out an see. Il also give them half strength nutes next feeding. Thank you guys


Your welcome. Good luck! If you post updates I’ll be watching.


Do you think i should transplant? If i do, i really believe im gonna rip apart some good roots, an alot of them
@Ragnar @HCHGC @Jmesser80 @bob31


Just cut the old pot with clippers and set the root ball into new and bigger pot…
They will thank you for it trust me :wink:


Ok so fill my new pot halfway an then put my 2 pots o. Top of eachother in the new soil and cut around the smartpot fabric?