Red striped stems and red leaf stems on top? HELP!

Is this normal or is there stress goin on? I’ve heard so many things. Genetic, stress, deficiency, ect, ect…


Its only on the top part of the plant. Nothing on the bottom

I think all those are possibilities. I would research the strain your growing. If it’s part of its genetics, no worries. If not make sure your temp, pH, nutes are all on par. For me, I would think it’s genetics if your plants are otherwise healthy.

They look healthy. Growing at a good pace. The shitty part is i dont know what strain it is. Got them from a buddy that said it was either blue cheese or sour diesal. I think he wrong tho

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Maybe fill out the support ticket so you can at least rule out nute/pH/temp. problems

Actually i think thats what it is. Atleast 2 of the 3. Is 85 with co2 supplement bad for my plant? An i think my soil is too hot. Can i “flush out” the nutes in my soil? I havnt gave it nutes in 2-3 waterings, could it still be too much nute in my soil? Il do the support ticket now

Strain; Type, blue cheese or sour diesel

Soil in smart pots

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?5.6-6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? 500-900

Indoor or Outdoor? Imdoor

Light system, size? 600w mh/hps air cooled hood

Temps; Day, Night? Day is between 75-82. Nite is 68-72

Humidity; Day, Night? Day is 32-45% nite is 45-65%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size? Yes 8in exhaust

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier? Just a ac

Co2; Yes, No? Yes. Yeast an sugar


What nutrients are you giving? And at what dosage / week / strength??

What is the soil and how big are the pots?

Why is pH listed as 5.6 - 6.5?

How high above the plants is the light?

How old are your plants and how many?

@bob31 What nutrients are you giving? And at what dosage / week / strength?? Im using general organics go box. And when i sampled my last feeding (which was 3-4 waterings ago) it was around 900 ppm

What is the soil and how big are the pots? Im using miracle grow outdoor organic with a n.p.k ratio of n0.09 p0.05 K0.07

Why is pH listed as 5.6 - 6.5? Because i use tap water an sometimes my ph fluctuates an sometimes il put a lil to much ph down by accident or vice verse an instead of loading the water with ph up or down i leave it as long as it stays between 5.6-6.5. Anything over or under an il dump the water an nutes out an start over

How high above the plants is the light? About 1 to 11/2 feet ubove with a box fan blowing above the canopy. I also have cfl side lights about 2-3 inches away

How old are your plants and how many? They are 8 weeks into veg. Thats 8 weeks from 3 nodes, not from seed. An i messed up an put 2 in 1 7 gallon smart pot stacked ontop of another 7 gallon smart pot full of dirt because the root started growing through the bottom

Maybe im still recovering from over watering?

I would try and keep your pH consistent. Fluxuation may stress out your plant. You may be better off with the pH up/down. If diluted to the proper pH then it’s harmless to your plant. pH out of wack on the other hand will almost certainly cause problems. The most common problems in fact.

I would recommend transplanting next time instead of a second pot. If the roots have already grown through then I’m not sure how you would handle that. Maybe just for future reference.

900 ppm doesn’t seem high enough to harm a plant that’s 8+ weeks old. With your pH out of balance though your plant may not be getting the nutes it needs.

@HCHGC thank you sir. Yea im def gonna get bigger pots next time. They started growing through the bottom of the pot an they did it pretty quickly so i was afraid of ripping apart good roots an just filled another pot an put the othe pot on top. Im still learning an thanks to great people an sites like this il get better. Also thank you to @bob31. Youguys are awesome

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Glad I could help. I’m using the smart pots too as well as a few friends. They’ve been good to me but my friend’s has begun growing through the smart pots too. I think he trimmed the roots taking care not to damage the tap root and they turned out fine. I’m not saying that’s a good idea, just an idea. Best of luck to you!

My plants looked like that and had no issues. They look pretty healthy except a little droopy from overwatering possibly.

@Jmesser80 Yea bro there def growing every day, the more branches i tie down the more that pop up, lol i def over watered them. I was watering every 2-3 days but i geuss thats to much. There in 7 gallon smart pots on top of each other cause there roots went strait thru the bottom an im pretty sure it was the tap root because it was huge. So shes on day 3 with no water but i have been misting them because of low humidity. When they need water how will she tell me? What will she do?

Should i stop with misting also after being over waterd?

Just switched to hps for a week or so an then il switch the time to 12/12

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Also i topped a couple of them taller tops so the sides catch up

Unfortunately the signs of overwatering look the same as underwatering. With too much water the leaves will droop and usually feel really stiff. Not enough water the leaves will also droop and eventually “wilt”. When the leaves droop like that check the soil 2 inch deep and pick up the pot. If the soils dry and the pot is light then it’s underwatering. If the soil is moist and the pot heavy then it’s overwatering.
I just did the same thing a few days ago. I got careless and mistook my drowning plants for thirsty ones. It happens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Your plants look good, just take it easy and enjoy the grow…
I have one white widow autoflower turned completely purple and its gorgeous ! Its one out of 18 did not do anything different to it…
Its just purple and looking beautiful, no issues…
Happy growing !

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