Red streaks in stalks

I’ve got some plants with red streaks running up the stalks and most dead or dying leaves have red stems. All plants have the exact same soil, (FF Frog) a premixed super soil, ILGM nutrients, ph balanced water 6-6.7 and rainwater in an outdoor garden. All this just started, haven’t seen it on any of my other grows.

can have some pics?

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I’ll post tomorrow PM dark here.

Could be strain genetics. If leaves and stems are bright green. Don’t sweat it. I have White Widow that does same thing.

All my fan leaves have red or purple stems. Plant is lush green and happy otherwise.

it’s a phenotype thing. some will show red in the stems. i’m growing gold leaf and 3 out of 5 are showing red stems.

Its not only a pheno thing it can also be from root rot aswell

It can be caused by light intensity,phosphorus or genetics. Not a huge concern really,just monitor them for any other symptoms.
Both of my bruce banners has them.

If u r using led lights that will happen. As long as u don’t see issues arise worse than red stems or stalks there should be no worry. If u use blurples lights pink purple look when lot. That’s a main cause of having the res purple stems. Just from the light intensity and all and is not a bad thing as long as u don’t see any other issues arising with the red purple stems. I have red purple to every plant I grow but so far from reading it is all caused by me using lots of led light in the room they r growing in. I have a 4x7x8 room with about 1200wof light power plus 3x uva bars and a far red initiator bulb in there so prolly between 13 and 1400 Tru watts. Every grow I experience the red purple in the stems and stalks. First run I used all blurples viparspectra 300w x 2 viparspectra 600w x1 4 foot full spec tube style light some china red lights. Equaled to about 900 plus watts of cheap light it grew bud but nothing good really. Lights are a number 1 most important part of growing inside a house garage or shed. Without good light u’ll get shit weed. Lol. But anywho. Red purple to stems is not necessarily a bad thing unless other things are following with them. I’m set to watching now so let’s see some pictures good luck

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Something like this? GDP

Or this - Purple Kush

Yep, same strain. OK I just haven’t seen it before Otherwise, their fine. Went out this AM and the streaks have subsided quite a bit. I’ve got 2 Dosedo’s, 2 Gold Leaf and 3 LSD’s all outdoor in their last few weeks when this started. Seems to be worse after rain so root rot might be it too. These are in plastic buckets too, that I’m phasing out for fabric. Although they seem to grow bigger in the buckets to average 3-5 feet where the fabric pots are way shorter around 2’ average, so yields are way smaller 3/4 - 1 oz per plant on a good one. That’s my other really major concern. The clones from these are in fabric and seem to be maturing faster too, but in a sunnier area. Here are some pic’s of both masters and clones. I also included 3 pic’s from a 9’ skywalker (bucket grown) that yielded more than 12 oz killer bud, I lost both cola buds due to rot that would have been around 3/4 oz each. Just couldn’t get up to spray effectively. Next is my other question, clones in fabric and masters in plastic buckets.


This is very common. Even my plants get them and they had no deficiencies aka genetics.

Thank you everybody. I just really hadn’t seen it before now, and it kind of went away from yesterday. There is a bamboo stick in background holding a stalk.