Red spots on yellowing leaves 4wks in veg

Strain is purple punch
They are about 4-5 weeks old
Happy frog soil, 5gallon fabric pots
Rocket plasma and 2 galaxy hydro 300 lights
Tent is 5x5x7
Light 18 on 6 off
temps between 70 and 75
Ac: yes
Ventilation: yes 2 150 cfn exhaust fans
Nutrients FFbig bloom every other watering at 1/4 strength
Ph in: 6.0
Runoff: 6.8
ppm in 214
runoff ppm 2142
Can anyone tell me what is going on with these?
I am thinking nutrient burn or maybe a deficiency of some sort.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

Looks to me like they need some calcium.
What is the humidity in the tent? Day and night?

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humidity is between 40% to 55%

@Skydiver is probably correct. I had leaves that looked the same, and a couple doses of Cal/Mag fixed the issue. Mine might have been a magnesium issue. I’m fairly new to growing, but hopefully this picture helps. Also, if you are only putting in 214 ppm, a runoff of 2142 (unless the last ‘2’ was a typo, Lol) seems high.

I know this isn’t weed but does it look the same in need of calcium? It’s my lime tree.

Yep it could be in need of calcium.
Dolomitic lime at store is a inexpensive way to add that.
Either dolomitic lime or pelletized lime top dressed into the soil out to the drip line may do the trick.
Also I would suggest not removing the fallen leaves from underneath the tree as they have nutrients the plant needs and leaving them as mulch will break down and feed them for free.
Also check closely for bugs/spider mites…saw some white spots on the leaves but couldn’t tell what they were from.

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