Red spider mites

I was recommended ScanMask for gnats and it was the best thing I ever saw to get rid of fungus gnats. Any one have the perfect remedy for red spider mites? I have neem oil coming sat and have a recipe for mites but if some one has used something natural that wiped them out before let me know.

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@Budbrother @Myfriendis410

I rotate Azamax, Spinosad and BT every 3 days for 3 weeks.

As a tester for Mammoth, I’ve also used the Mammoth BioControl. That shit will fuq them up instantly, but must be followed by any/some/all above sprays to be truly effective.

All above can be used during flowering unlike that neem oil. True, Azamax is neem based, but it’s not the same. It’s all bout the distillation process.


I wasn’t aware spinosad works for them too.

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Captain Jacks is Spinosad A&D


As is Monterey LG6150 Garden Insect Spray

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I use the Monterey BT.

At the time, the concentrate of Captain Jack’s Spinosad was cheaper.


This is my new best friend for outdoors.

Wipes out WPM in a flash.

Dr Zyme’s had been working well for my outdoor plants.