Red poison is acting weird

I dint know if it’s getting sick because the leaves are getting darker the top is yellowish and I didn’t label them but I this this one is my red poisin is in hydro and the darker leaves are getting a weird texture to the the tips of the leaves is where is starting the first 2 pics is the one I believe it’s the sour diesel

What light are you using they look very starved of light my red poison auto was really full looking by 20 inches tall.

Looks slightly overfed. I’d back it down just a little bit. Otherwise, looks healthy, but stretching as @ThcinKC said. I’d consider lowering the lighting or adding more.

Ita a 300 watt light it’s at full spectrum they are both auto I would say when they wer seedlings and even at their vegetative stage the light was far away so it did stretch I was thinking because of the yellowing the top is getting it might have been to close to the light

What light schedule did give yours did u have yours in hydro or soil how often do yall recommend the reservoir change

And if they are being over fed wouldn’t they be getting some type of nutrient burn or is that not always the case

The “clawing” is typically from too much nitrogen. It’s not extreme, but keep an eye on it. I grew in soil, and ran my lights 18/6 for veg, 12/12 for flowering.


My red Poison autos I grew were sensitive. I had clawed leaves on them all the time. They were a pain in arse to grow but made pretty buds. The top jars are the RP.


We need scratch and sniff


That looks amazing great job and thanks for the Info

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it needs a bigger pot to do its thing