Red/Brown color Spots?

Hello :v: Noticed one of my Gorilla Glues had these red/brown color spots. Only 2 leaves have them. I was thinking maybe a calcium deficiency? I give about 25% of the full dose of cal-mag every other watering. Im using FF Happy Frog with a small percent for perlite. Also using Big Bloom and Grow Big once a week. Hoping i can fix it before it gets worse.

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Why 25% of recommendation every other watering?

Do you pH the water before or after you add the Cal-Mag?

Welcome to the community. Nice early catch! It’s the start of a calcium deficiency. I would recommend 3-5 mil per feeding, add 1/2 teaspoon of epson salt, it’ll hell supplement magnesium and only feed 1/2 strength of the FF Trio for now. Do you check the PH and PPMs after mixing the Trio? I used these nutes before and they’re heavy in salt and mineral deposits siting in the root zone requiring flushing if you’re not water or feeding to at least 20% run off. Do you have a full plant picture? :love_you_gesture:


Welcome , yeah I also suggest fulldose of cal-mag on water day.


Lowers doses of the Fox Farm Trio is a good thing. It’s pretty hard to hurt a plant with cal/mag, particularly if you are running good lighting, which increases cal/mag uptake. I would feed lower doses of BB and GB, but I also would give it full doses of cal/mag like others have suggested.


Thank you all for input!! Glad i noticed it before it got worse. Will definitely try giving full dose of calmag today with watering :slightly_smiling_face:

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