Recycling soil from male plant

Just got rid of my male plant was in 5 gallon bucket mix of MG moisture control and fox farm ocean forest with little seedling soil shifted thru got most of roots out from male plant would it be OK to use on next grow that I know are feminized seeds

I never had any problem reusing my soill. I do mix in fresh soil with it.


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I reuse soil also, but I do not use Miracle grow. with fertilizer in it. However; You should have no issues.

If you have 2-4 weeks sometime…Solarize your left over soil. Place soil in 4-6mil plastic and seal it. leave in Sun for a week, then turn it over. after a few weeks the soil will be sterile. :slight_smile:


Oh. Thks good to know will do that in the AM

Hi Latewood. For solarizing soil in plastic does it need to be clear plastic?

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@latewood Latewood sure would like to know what kind of soil do you use

He can make his own, but he has mentioned he likes the “pro-mix bx”.

Ok thks for info will look it up

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BX holds too much water for my style, the Promix HP is my favorite. Humm… that’s “soil less” medium. For soil I use fox farm ocean forest. I would love to hear more on latewood’s preferred soil.

Pro-mix HP is great stuff too. :smiley: And I hear a lot of people love fox farm ocean forest, I don’t have any experience with it though.

Same here would love to hear Latewood’s recipe I use fox farm ocean forest but I layer it and put it the bottom of put till roots get stronger…could ask Latewood if mind sharing

Thks I’ll pass that’s some expensive soil pockets not as long as Latewood

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I use this; It is soilless

I use the Promix the same as a seed starter mix. I jave grown entire grow in this medium, and I find that it dries out fast. Had to water in flower at least every 2 days or plant got the “droops”.

The infredients in Promix are. Mychorizae, Perlite, vermiculite, and peat moss. Basically the same thig that is in all soil mixes or blends; Such as: “Ocean Forest”

So if you have Promix, and mix it 50/50 with a potting compost; You will have a great soil. You can also mix it with any Organic potting or garden soil. Each individual has to research and find what is available in your area, and go for it.

Another soil blend is
Sterile dirt
Blood Mean
bone Meal
Peat moss

II have tried all kinds of blends. The reason I do not use Ocean Forest is: Too expensive! I can get 3.8 CF of ProMix (BTW What nurseries use), for the same price as a bag of Ocean Forest.

Another great potting mix to use as a blend with Promix is Miracle Grow "Organic Choice.


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I use clear plastic, but have heard of growers using black plastic. Solarization is mostly about applying intense heat that in a way, is the same process as composting. Only in the end, you get sterile soil. Now that the soil is sterile; You can reuse it and apply a balanced nutrient blend to it for growing.

Final note: I know a lot of this stuff, because I experimented every grow I ever did for the last 10 years. I am a commercial, Professional Hydroponic Greenhouse operator, though. And; Yes, I make my own solution form Mineral salts, and organic chelates…

thank you for sharing. i was wondering if solar sterilizing would work. its a perfect time of year to. early july by the time im done it will be august for the sterilizing. so thank you agsin