Recommended training

recommended time to start training, my white widow is a month old. At what point do i start training, if i decide to do so?

This type of question is determined by what your goals are. This that said, training can be don’t while still a seedling or clone, or as much as a week or two in Flower.

Keep in mind, any plant manipulation will cause stress, and if in flower, may draw out undesirable male traits.

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I agree with Dumme’s reply on this question about when to train.

However, it should be noted, physical manipulation, for example forms – of “low stress” training, like scroging, and other forms of tying down, netting, caging, trellising, and even “high stress” training like “super cropping”, “crushing the herd”, “creating knuckles”, “art of bending”, and also including pruning, “topping” or “fiming” – these are very unlikely to contribute to male traits appearing.

The type of stress that typically contributes to an abundance of males from regular seeds, male hermaphrodite reversals in feminized seeds, mixes of late appearing male hermi flowers with mostly female buds, or vice/versa in feminized seeds, and late appearing male hermi flowers in what was thought to be a proven female flower from regular seeds – this is generally caused by – in no particular order, light pollution during the dark period, nutrient toxicities, severely out of range pH, any combination of the above, and even unrefined genetics that haven’t been bred properly for the resulting phenotype stability.

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you can train from 3 weeks old to time you put in flower stage and then some Train now if you want to. type. scrog, LST, see of green .mainline (might be to old for this), fiming, (now) Topping (now) you choice !!!