Recommended led's

For a grow tent that is 48"X48"X78" what size (watts), kind and brand of led light would you use for auto flowers? Also how many auto flowers could you grow at one time in that size of a tent? TIA

You need at least 50w/Sq ft an each plant needs at least 2sq ft, so if you have a 4’x4’ then you have 16sqft. So theoretically you could have 8, 6 would be perfect the wouod have some extra grow room
600w and above would do just right bit make sure and look to see what the foot print of the light is and if it will cover it

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It depends on what you want to spend on lights panels? It’s many brands out there from low cost to high end cost that could both work great. Starting off cheap Meizhi 1200 watts lights will work great, Viparspectra will work great, Mars Hydro reflector, Epistar or Pro Cree II series lights will work, Advance Spectrum Maxx, Advance Platinum , Advance Led Lights, now the advance lights brands are all different models, and Apache Tech AT brands are by far I think the best, Duolux will work and Heliospectra will work, plus you have Kind Led, Spectra King all those brands will work as well.


@Hawkeye_diesel the 50w per square foot is actually the recommended wattage for HPS/MH lights.

For LEDs the recommended wattage per square foot is 25w. LEDs just don’t penetrate as deeply as HID lights, but they emit less heat and use less energy.

I’d recommend 2 - 300w LEDs, such as ViparSpectra, MarsHydro, or Meihizi. That or you get a 600w LED that will cost about the same, comparably. With two seperate fixtures you can angle them, or have one higher/lower than the other, it allows for more customization of light coverage.